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Tips and Tricks for planning and organizing Trips and Holidays avoiding all intermediaries. 


We believe the 
SHARING information will make TRAVEL an easy HABIT for everyone. 

Travel Maker is a dissemination channel.

We offer information and advice to organize trips and holidays in total autonomy.

Travel Maker è il Canale di riferimento per gli utenti iscritti a il portale dove trovare e condividere le informazioni necessarie per pianificare e organizzare viaggi e vacanze in totale autonomia ed evitando ogni forma di intermediazione.

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What is Travel Maker?

The Community of Independent Travelers!

What is the difference between a Tour Operator and all people who want to organize their holidays independently? Professionals are in possession of the INFORMATION. 
Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Travel Agents
they have only one advantage over the others:
are in possession of the information necessary to organize and plan the trips, stays and activities to be carried out once they arrive at their destination.
It is information that makes professionals good and efficient. 

What information is needed? 

Best Hotel in town? Where to eat? Who to contact for the most beautiful travel experiences? What to do? Where to go? How to get the most out of staying at a travel destination? How to best use the available budget? 
These are the main INFORMATION that make the difference!

The principle of SHARING

When we travel, we come into possession of valuable INFORMATION that we often no longer use: the Hotel that hosted us, the places where we ate, the Tourist Guide who made us experience unique moments.  
So why not share that information to help others have memorable travel experiences? 

Internet is everywhere!

Internet offre la possibilità di trovare le INFORMAZIONI. 
Thanks to the Web and to the functions offered by specialized sites, we can book hotels and buy tickets for intercontinental flights! 
Act as professionals and in total autonomy. This is the new frontier of tourism: to eliminate all forms of intermediation. 

Eliminate all forms of intermediation. 

Travel Maker offers (FREE) tips and tricks to make the most of the features and potential that everyone can easily find on the Web. 
Ideas, tricks and methods to organize and plan trips and holidays anywhere in the world in total autonomy! 

Travel Maker è il Blog Ufficiale di la nuova piattaforma digitale dedicata alla organizzazione di viaggi e vacanze in totale autonomia ed evitando ogni forma di intermediazione. 

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"We believe that the free and spontaneous sharing of information is the key to making" travel "a habit achievable by everyone."
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Consigli, suggerimenti e trucchi per organizzare Viaggi e Vacanze in totale autonomia

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