Choose the most convenient day to leave

How to choose the most convenient day to leave?

You are in the organization and planning phase of your trip and first choose the destination the activities to be carried out during the stay the place to rest the best places to eat.
Do you think you did everything right?
Maybe, but it all depends on how many and what days you have available.

How much time can you dedicate to your travels?
Do you have the possibility to choose the days on which to leave or do you have constraints deriving from your employment contract?

The criteria for choosing the most convenient day to leave are very different if you have maximum freedom to choose the days on which to travel or if you have constraints deriving from your employment contract.

If you want to maximize the time you dedicate to your travels or if you want to travel saving as much as possible you do not have to plan your trips “instinctively” and have the factors I have listed among your priorities but you must take into consideration others which vary based on the your availability of days.

Having the possibility of being able to choose the most convenient day to leave is an incredible advantage and those who are lucky enough to have it must be able to make the most of it while those who are forced to leave on limited days of the year must follow a very different procedure.

Choose the most convenient day to leave when you have maximum freedom in choosing which days to travel. If you have organized your life in such a way as to have total freedom in choosing the period and days to dedicate to travel, you must take into consideration factors that (perhaps) you had not thought about and which, in my opinion, are much more important: You must choose the destination of your trip following different criteria and with the utmost rationality.

The first factor to consider when you are trying to choose the most convenient day to leave and reach a particular destination is the climate.
Reaching a magnificent destination at the least favorable time of year can ruin the entire trip!

So you must take in all the possible information regarding the climatic situation that you will find once you reach your destination and reach the destination of your trip at the best time to live your experience. Another important factor to consider is tourist flows.

Do you want to visit a town in peace and immerse yourself in the daily life of the locals or do you want to go and experience the nightlife to socialize with other tourists? Think carefully about what your expectations are and take them into consideration when choosing your destination and when to go.

When you have to choose the most convenient day to leave you must also take into consideration the price of travel tickets.

Everyone knows that when buying airline tickets it is essential to proceed at the right time to get the best price. Few consider that the best strategy is to have the possibility of being able to leave with the cheapest flight.

Having the possibility of leaving (or planning the trip) at any time of the year is an indisputable advantage that few exploit to its full potential. If you want to go to the Maldives you have two options:

– Have the necessary budget available when you want (can) leave or
– Wait for the right time to organize your trip and spend only the amount you have at your disposal.
– What activities do you want to do once you reach your destination?

This should be the most important factor to take into consideration and you should plan your entire travel experience accordingly. The period, climate, cost breakdown and all other factors to consider should be affected by the activities you intend to do during your trip.

Choose the most convenient day to leave

Choose the most convenient day to leave when you are bound by employment contracts or family ties.

If your life choices involve a limitation in the period in which you have the possibility of traveling and in the number of days in which you can stay away from home, the criteria you must follow to choose the most convenient day to leave are very different but the factors to consider are the same:

The choice of the destination of your trip, in this case, is not subordinated to the activities you want to carry out or to the convenience of the travel tickets to reach it but must necessarily take into consideration the best possible relationship between your expectations and the possibilities that the world offers you.

The first factor to consider is the budget because, considering your need to leave in a fixed and limited period, you must evaluate which destinations are reachable.

Obviously, at this point, the choice of destination is limited to the countries that fall within your spending capacity and your desires: if in the first case you could choose to reach a country at the most convenient time (and feasible based on your budget) now you must necessarily start from your budget and look for destinations for which the expenses for travel tickets fall within your spending plans.

Once the destination has been chosen, the research and evaluation phase begins. What does the location you have chosen offer? What activities can you do once you arrive?

Are the accommodation and food costs sustainable?

Are there structures that meet your standards?

As you can see, the process is very different but, even in this case, if you apply my advice you will be able to organize your trip completely independently without resorting to any intermediary and with a better result than a professional.

All other factors (climate, tourist flows, activities to be carried out) must also be carefully considered! It would be useless to spend your entire budget to get to Las Vegas and then not even have a penny to try your luck at a Slot Machine!

To choose the most convenient day to leave you will therefore have to start from your budget and the cost of tickets to choose a destination and, once identified, you will have to look for the activities to carry out and read up on the tourist facilities present (considering your budget and your expectations /needs) to end up searching for places to eat or the type of meals to have.

In this blog you will find many posts useful for your purpose.

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