Finding accommodation with Hotels

Finding accommodation with Hotels is a valid alternative to, but few use it consistently and even fewer try to compare prices for the same accommodations on both sites. This is a big mistake! is part of the partner sites (and owned by) the Group.

You are facing a true giant in the travel sector that owns dozens of websites and has thousands of partnerships with tourist operators worldwide.

Finding accommodation with Registering on the site.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you are dealing with a digital giant with resources limited only by privacy laws regarding the tracking of data and your actions on its websites.

This awareness should guide your actions aimed at achieving the best results when you intend to purchase a service.

The first measure I recommend you take is to immediately register on the site using the authentication method with Facebook or Google credentials.

Be careful to use the same method of authentication you used to sign up for Expedia! If you use the same account (Facebook or Google) to authenticate to both sites (Expedia and, you can be sure that the algorithm will communicate your presence on both, and your actions on the websites will be related.

Being aware of the algorithm’s monitoring puts you in an advantageous position and will determine your choices when you set out to find accommodation with

Finding Accommodation with Hotels

Finding accommodation with Preliminary operations

As soon as you’ve registered on the site, you need to perform some preliminary operations that will communicate to the algorithm that you are a quality user and will start to increase your “rank,” affecting how the site responds to your requests.

  • Subscribe to the Newsletter.
  • Download the App on your smartphone.
  • Sign up for the loyalty program  Hotels.comREWARDS 

This way, you’ll immediately communicate that you intend to return to the site multiple times to purchase accommodations and services.

Finding Accommodation with Hotels

Especially, the Hotels.comREWARDS service is an opportunity to leverage if you are a serial traveler because, by signing up, you can enjoy numerous benefits:

  • By accumulating “Stamps,” you are entitled to a free night in a hotel with an average price compared to those booked.
  • You earn a stamp for each night booked, and upon reaching ten stamps, you can claim your free overnight stay.
  • To accumulate points, you must log in before booking.
  • To accumulate points faster, you can book overnight stays for your friends or relatives.
  • You will receive the “Stamps” in your account within 72 hours of check-in at the booked hotels.
  • If the difference between your “Bonus” overnight stay is more, you’ll pay the difference, but if it’s less, you’ll lose the difference. Therefore, it’s advisable to use the Bonuses to book slightly superior accommodations to the value you’re entitled to, staying in good-quality hotels at a very low price, or, if you’re very skillful, paying a difference of a few euros.
  • You can accumulate “Bonus Nights” and then use them all at once! 100 Stamps correspond to 10 days of free stays!
  • Remember to book your stay paid with “Bonus Nights” through the App because if you don’t, you’ll have to pay a surcharge of €4.00 per night. Booking using the App is all free (apart from differences).
  • Remember that the accumulated “Stamps” are valid for 12 months. So, you must use them within this period.
  • Subscribers to the “Hotels.comREWARDS” program are also entitled to exclusive benefits that increase with the accumulation of “Stamps”:
    • 0-9 Stamps: access to Hotels’ “Secret Prices”
    • 10-29 Stamps: Price Guarantee Plus (if you find a better price compared to what you booked on Hotels, you are entitled to ask to align the price to what you found on other booking sites) and Priority Customer Service
    • And with more than 30 “Stamps,” you are entitled to all the benefits of the Silver level plus: free room upgrade, early check-in, and late check-out in VIP Access facilities. Subject to availability.
Finding Accommodation with Hotels

Finding accommodation with Hotels: features to leverage

If you want to find accommodation with Hotels, I recommend making the most of the potential that the site offers you.

As with all other websites that sell travel services, the smartest trick you can use is to reverse your purchasing process.

You shouldn’t look for accommodation for the travel destination you’ve chosen but, instead, first look for the most affordable accommodation and only after booking at the best rate, organize your trip.

In fact, the phases of searching for accommodation and searching for travel tickets should proceed in unison and conclude only when the combination between the best price for accommodation and the best price for travel tickets is perfect.

In this case, the features to leverage are:

  • “The most visited cities”
  • “The most requested Regions and Countries”

The site proposes a series of “most requested” cities, Regions, and Countries that it declares to be the “most visited” by users. While on one hand, I am inclined to believe this version, on the other, I think that in this list Hotels proposes cities where it “wants” to sell more accommodations or those where promotions are active. The reasons can be many but, perhaps, for a series of circumstances on those days, the hotels in “Rome” are partially empty, and the managers have lowered the prices to encourage bookings. In one version or another and beyond any doubt, in the list of “The most visited cities” or “The most requested Regions and Countries” proposed by Hotels, there are good offers to evaluate.

Finding Accommodation with Hotels

Finding accommodation with Hotels: Last Minute Deals

If the era of “Last Minute” deals, where it was possible to go to the airport (with a swimsuit and coat in your suitcase) and leave for any destination after buying last-minute tickets has ended (due to advanced marketing strategies deployed by airlines), “Last Minute” deals for booking accommodations still work.

In particular, if you want to find accommodation with Hotels, you have access to an entire page dedicated to “Last Minute:

In this case, I suggest using the site by reversing the process: first, find the offer and then organize your trip.

Finding accommodation with Hotels in this case is very simple, and the site is very similar to and all the others: you can enter the arrival and departure dates, use filters to display only the results in line with your needs, and book your accommodation.

The strategies I’ve talked about in the post dedicated to Booking are also applicable in this case.

I recommend you follow all the advice I’ve gathered in “How to Choose a Hotel” to be truly sure you don’t make any mistakes.

Finally, I remind you to consult all the sites you know before booking accommodation!

The sector is very competitive, and it’s very easy that, for the same room on the same day, you might find different rates on sites like Airbnb or Momondo.

If you’ve already booked with Hotels, no worries! As I’ve already told you, you can request a price adjustment to the lower price you’ve found!


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