We believe that sharing information will make TRAVELING an easy HABIT for everyone.

Travel Maker is your go-to channel for discovery.

We provide information and tips for planning trips and holidays all on your own.

Travel Maker is the reference channel for users subscribed to Triplannerr, the portal where you can find and share all the necessary information to plan and organise your travels and holidays independently, avoiding any form of middleman.

What is Travel Maker?

The Community of Independent Travellers!

What’s the difference between a Tour Operator and all the people who want to plan their holidays independently? The professionals have the INFORMATION.

Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, and Travel Agents have only one advantage over the rest: they possess the necessary information to organise and plan trips, stays, and activities once you arrive at your destination.

It’s the information that makes professionals skilled and efficient.


What information is needed?

The best hotel in town? Where to eat? Who to turn to for the most beautiful travel experiences? What to do? Where to go? How to get the most out of your stay in a travel destination? How to make the most of your available budget? These are the key pieces of INFORMATION that make all the difference!

The principle of SHARING

When we travel, we come into possession of precious INFORMATION that often we no longer use: the hotel that hosted us, the places where we ate, the Tour Guide who gave us unique moments. So why not share that information to help others enjoy memorable travel experiences?

How to Find Travel Deals

The Internet is everywhere!

The Internet provides the opportunity to find INFORMATION. Thanks to the web and the features offered by specialised sites, we can book hotels and purchase tickets for intercontinental flights! Acting like professionals and in complete independence. This is the new frontier of Tourism: eliminating any form of intermediation.

Eliminate any form of intermediation.

Travel Maker offers (FREE) advice and tips to make the most of the features and potential that everyone can easily find on the web. Ideas, tricks, and methods to organise and plan trips and holidays in complete independence, anywhere in the world!

Travel Maker is the Official Blog of Triplannerr, the new digital platform dedicated to organising trips and holidays independently, avoiding any form of intermediation.

What You’ll Find in the Blog

There are articles divided into four main categories. Each is then broken down into subcategories.

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