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How to Choose a Trip Destination

How to Choose a Trip Destination?

Travel Maker is a blog where you can find advice, tips, and tricks to organize and plan trips and vacations while avoiding any form of intermediation. However, don’t forget that the professionalism of Travel Agencies and Travel Agents should never be underestimated, and organizing a trip independently is a job that requires dedicating time and effort to this activity. Don’t improvise.

The choice of destination should be made considering these parameters:

  • Motivation
  • Budget
  • Available Time
  • Type of Trip
  • Travel Companions
  • Activities to do once you arrive at the destination

Based on these parameters, you can start to evaluate possible destinations and, following a long process of selection and elimination, you will choose the destination of your trip.

Let’s see how to proceed:

How to Choose a Trip Destination: Motivations

There are Tourists, Travelers, and Vacationers. Which category do you fall into?

  • Tourists: travel for pleasure and fun
  • Travelers: are in search of discovery, adventure, and the knowledge of new places and new cultures.
  • Vacationers: travel (or stay) for Relaxation, to have fun, and to live a break from the daily environment.

When you start the process that will help you decide how to choose the destination of a trip, the first thing you should think about is the real reason that drives you to leave.

The expectations you have for your trip can be disappointed if, in choosing the destination, you do not consider the real reason that drives you to leave.

The destination you choose must, first of all, be able to satisfy your needs as a Tourist, Vacationer, or Traveler.

If you’re trying to plan your trip independently, the first thing you should think about is the real reason that drives you to leave and choose the destination of a trip based on the real reason that compels you to reach it.

How to Choose a Trip Destination

How to Choose a Trip Destination: The Budget

If you thought about opening an atlas and choosing your trip destination by pointing a finger at random, I must tell you right away that it will be your biggest mistake. When you are engaged in planning a trip, one of the main factors you must consider is your budget: it’s pointless to spend on intercontinental tickets if you don’t have enough resources to support your stay and carry out your activities once you arrive.

It often happens that people underestimate budget management, relying on information collected from friends or wandering the web. The final result can be disastrous! To understand how to choose the destination of a trip, you must first consider all the expenses to be incurred and evaluate if the available budget is sufficient.

How to Choose a Trip Destination: The Available Time

How many days can you dedicate to your trip? One of the first things to do is to develop your itinerary. You need to calculate the time required for transfers and the time you will spend carrying out the activities and experiences you have decided to live. You must take into account your schedule and the days you have available.

If a destination is too far away or if the time at your disposal is limited compared to the program you wish to realize, you will have to choose a different destination. Stubbornly wanting to reach the dream place is not a smart attitude. It’s pointless to reach a distant (and perhaps expensive) destination if then you will not have the time to visit it or you will not be able to carry out all the activities you have planned. Imagine going to Niagara Falls and then realizing that you do not have the time to visit the entire park in its entirety and limiting yourself to watching the falls from afar. You risk returning home with a bitter disappointment!

How to Choose a Trip Destination: The Type of Trip

Not all destinations are suitable for the type of experience you want to live. Making the mistake of choosing a trip destination unsuitable for your program can ruin the experience for you and all the people who have joined your project.

Imagine wanting to camp and reaching a place where it is not possible to sleep outdoors, or wanting to visit a city to live the nightlife and then, once there, discover that the city sleeps peacefully at sunset.

You must think about choosing the destination also based on the type of trip you want to make! Would you organize a Safari in New York? Of course not!

How to Choose a Trip Destination

How to Choose a Trip Destination: Travel Companions and Activities to Do During the Trip

Before thinking about how to choose a trip destination, you should consider the type of people who will accompany you. Are you traveling with children? It’s better to avoid adventures and extreme sports! Are you bringing your family? You’ll need accommodations with suitable services. Are you traveling alone? Can you adapt to any situation? Do your travel companions enjoy eating at restaurants, or are they content with a fast-food sandwich?

The choice of your travel destination must also align with the needs and expectations of the people traveling with you.

It’s pointless to go to London if your travel companions want to go trekking! These are extreme examples to give you an idea, but you must consider this aspect in the planning phase of a trip. The choice of destination is crucial and determines the success of your travel project.

How to Choose a Trip Destination: Activities to Do Once Arrived.

Do not make the mistake of choosing the destination first and then the activities you will perform during the trip. If the purpose of your trip is to visit Museums and monuments, you should choose a destination where you will find a rich cultural heritage. If, on the other hand, your favorite activity is practicing outdoor activities, you will have to choose your destination among places where nature is the main feature of the environment. Too often, tourists and travelers are disappointed because, once they arrive, they don’t find their favorite activities to do. This happens because destinations are chosen based on their fame, notoriety, or the promotion made by tourist operators, and the details that should have priority are neglected.

The mistake you risk making is choosing the destination for its fame or your desire to visit it, only to realize, after arriving, that your favorite activities cannot be performed there.

Returning to the example of a Safari in Africa: you can’t expect, at the end of the day, to find a SPA to relax in the middle of the Savannah!

How to Choose a Trip Destination

Other Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Trip Destination: Travel Period and Season in the Country You Want to Visit

One of the most challenging things to implement when choosing a trip destination is aligning the days we have available to travel with the best possible time to visit a country. Especially when undertaking intercontinental travels, it’s easy to face a drastic climate change (and time zone difference) that must be absolutely considered in the choice of destination and the time you want to visit it. Summer in Europe coincides with winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Visiting the tropics during the Monsoon season is not a wise choice, and if the time we have available coincides with the worst time to visit a destination, it would be wise to reconsider our travel plan and think about that destination again when we can reach it at the best time to visit.

It’s very important to research well on the actual weather conditions you will encounter and come prepared for what awaits you. Even more crucial is to be aware of the climate you’ll find in relation to the activities you want to perform.

Language Barriers

Again, the desire to visit a far-off country and the urge to fulfill a dream should not take over. Too often, we take it for granted that English is spoken everywhere we go. Often this is not the case, and more often, our English (we Italians are clumsy) is incomprehensible.

Spending all the time trying to make oneself understood is not pleasant. Even ordering at a restaurant can be a big problem. So, even if you have studied English, consider the difficulty you might encounter traveling in a country on the other side of the world.

Passports, Documents, Visas, and Vaccinations

Want to fulfill your dream? Before buying tickets, make sure you are well acquainted with the regulations and necessary documents for the trip! In some countries, an entry visa is required, in others, vaccinations are needed before departure. Sometimes having an ID card is not enough, and you need a Passport. Sometimes there are different rules regarding the state of the Passport (free pages for visas) and its validity (some require at least six months of validity before expiration), so you might have a valid Passport but not suitable for entry into those countries.

Other documents to check before choosing a trip destination include any mandatory Insurance, Consulate permits, and, if traveling by car or motorcycle you own, all the specific documentation related to the vehicles.

So, if you are busy choosing a trip destination, you also have to take bureaucracy into account!

How to Choose a Trip Destination


Do not neglect to gather all the necessary information about the economic, social, and political situation of the countries or cities you plan to visit. You’re planning a trip for fun and relaxation. Why risk ending up in a situation that could ruin your stay or even put you in danger?

An economic crisis, demonstrations or strikes, events, or situations of social crisis can spoil your stay, your trip, your holiday.

You must inform yourself about the real situation in the place you intend to reach.

I advise you to do two main checks:

  • Consult Google. Look for information by consulting the websites of local media.
  • Check the “viaggiare sicuri” (travel safely for Italians) website, where you can find all the information for each country and highlight the risk areas.

I advise against traveling to destinations where your safety is not guaranteed. However, if you choose to ignore my advice and travel to a risk destination, I suggest registering your trip on the “Dove Siamo nel Mondo” (Where We Are in the World) website.

Let Yourself Be Inspired

Choosing your trip’s destination is the first step towards a new adventure that will forever remain in your memories and will probably be your only chance to experience life in a distant country.

Once you’ve chosen your likely destination, avoid institutional sites and look for the information you need on alternative channels.

Travel stories, photos, or videos: use the internet to fall in love with your destination. You should arrive at your destination with all the necessary information to live your travel experience to its fullest potential. Read travel diaries, view photos, and use YouTube and Google Maps to also visually explore the places you will visit. This way, you’ll arrive prepared and already know where to go or have discovered unknown destinations or places of particular interest to you.

Movies and documentaries: do you know how many people went to Thailand after watching “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio?

Books: I suggest going to a bookstore (if you can detach yourself from Amazon) and browsing the books in the travel sections. You’ll return home with many dreams in your drawer!


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