Where It Pays to Buy Trips

What kind of traveller are you? Do you organise your trips independently, or do you buy pre-made packages?

This blog is dedicated to adventurous travellers who organise trips and holidays completely independently, avoiding any form of intermediation.

The purpose of this Community is to gather information and advice to be able to avoid all intermediaries and suggest alternative solutions to the traditional travel and holiday sales channels.

Even the most adventurous and experienced travellers may sometimes want to purchase pre-packaged travel deals from professionals.

Where it pays to buy trips

The reasons can be varied:

  • More guarantees and insurances included in the price
  • Handling of bureaucratic procedures done by expert professionals
  • Itineraries and activities organised and planned by professionals
  • Fixed and locked price
  • Assistance in case of service failures
  • Speed, safety, and professionalism

We are experienced travellers united by the desire to travel the world free from constraints while spending as little as possible. We are accustomed to planning a trip independently, but, occasionally, we may need to purchase a pre-packaged trip from professionals.

Where it pays to buy trips

An example? While we’re busy planning travel itineraries independently, we might encounter unexpected difficulties or have an urgent need to complete our travel program. Using pre-packaged deals like the pieces of a puzzle to “join” the segments of our itinerary and using the travel package purchased from an agency as a “buffer” between two segments of an independently organised itinerary is then a practical, quick, and safe solution.

Even the most experienced traveller might therefore need to resort to professionals to complete their plans.

Where it pays to buy trips? The possible options:

In the tourism sector, competition is fierce. There are thousands of alternatives in physical stores and online.

The possibilities to choose (and to make mistakes) are virtually endless, and navigating such a competitive market is very difficult even for experienced travellers.

The options available are:

  • Physical Travel Agency (where you go in person)
  • Online Travel Agency (to search online)
  • Tour Operator (to contact online)
  • Comparison sites (that collect offers from agencies and sort them according to your directives)
  • Tourism promotion portals (managed by institutions)
  • Deal sites (that collect ads and offers from Agencies, Tour Operators, and other operators)
  • Portals for booking and purchasing tourism services (which are increasingly refining the options available to tourists) like Booking.com, Airbnb, Trivago.

Adventurous travellers gathering in this Community tend to avoid purchasing trips through these “traditional” channels but may need to resort to these channels.

In this category of the Blog, you’ll find articles that will help you choose from the many options available and contain useful tips and advice on where it pays to buy trips.


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