Come Sfruttare App e Servizi Online per Pianificare il Tuo Viaggio

How to Leverage Apps and Online Services to Plan a Trip

How to Leverage Apps and Online Services to Plan a Trip

The world of travel has undergone an unprecedented digital revolution.

Thanks to the internet, apps, and the democratization of access to information, today anyone can organize their own trip with just a few clicks.

Everyone can learn how to leverage apps and online services to plan a trip and, in a relatively short time, be able to do it like true professionals!

This article explores how to use apps and online services to plan your trip, listing seven indispensable tools and introducing Triplannerr, an innovative social network for travelers.

Essential Apps for Planning a Trip

Skyscanner – Great for comparing prices of flights, hotels, and car rentals. Once, the sale of travel tickets was an exclusive domain of travel agencies. Today, everyone knows how to use apps and online services to plan a trip, and purchasing tickets for flights to any corner of the world is straightforward!
In the post “How to Use Skyscanner” you’ll find more information on purchasing your tickets at the best price.

Utility: finds the most economical options. Advice: use filters to refine your search.
Download Skyscanner

Airbnb – Perfect for finding unique accommodations. One of the articles on this blog is dedicated precisely to using Airbnb to book accommodation and is full of advice and tricks to book the best accommodation at the lowest possible price. Utility: explore accommodations beyond traditional hotels. Advice: read reviews before booking.
Visit Airbnb

Google Maps – Essential for navigation and planning routes. You’ll be amazed at how useful it can be to plan a trip! Google Maps will become your ideal partner if you really want to learn how to leverage apps and online services to plan a trip.

We use Google Maps only as a navigator, but it hides a multitude of information and features that allow you to plan every detail of the trip as well as find valuable and detailed information.

I talk extensively about this in a post that I dedicated entirely to how to use Google Maps to plan a trip. Utility: discover how to move around and what to visit. Advice: download maps for offline use.
Use Google Maps

TripAdvisor – Ideal for reviews of hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Utility: make informed decisions. Advice: look for the “hidden gems” with the best ratings.
In the post “How to Use TripAdvisor” you will find ideas and tips on how to make the most of its features.
Go to TripAdvisor

Rome2rio – Shows how to get from A to B worldwide. Utility: compares different transport options. Advice: check multiple routes and prices.
Discover Rome2rio

XE Currency – A reliable currency converter. Utility: keep track of exchange rates. Advice: use the app to avoid currency exchange surprises.
Download XE Currency

PackPoint – A personal packing assistant. Utility: suggests what to bring based on the destination and the duration of the trip. Advice: customize the list based on planned activities.
Try PackPoint

How to Leverage Apps and Online Services to Plan a Trip

The transition from an era in which only travel agents had access to certain information to the present day, where every traveler can be an expert, has been revolutionary.

An internet user who knows how to use Google to conduct searches quickly learns how to leverage apps and online services to plan a trip and is capable of independently carrying out almost all the tasks that were once delegated to “professionals”.

Apps and online services have democratized travel planning, making it accessible to all.

A digital revolution that has slowly transformed the tourism sector as well as the habits of travelers and tourists.

Today, thanks to apps, websites, and the provision of services that make what was once the job of travel agencies easy, all travelers have very powerful tools at their disposal that a few years ago made the intermediation of “professionals” mandatory and “do it yourself” impossible.

Today, everyone knows (well or poorly) how to use apps and online services to plan a trip and can do so thanks to a macrocosm of websites, apps, and e-commerce that sell all the necessary services.

Triplannerr: Revolutionizing the Way to Travel

In the landscape of these digital innovations, Triplannerr emerges, a social network aiming to transform travel organization.

The underlying idea is simple but powerful: allow travelers to share useful information and advice, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

On the social network, users publish their “Travel Reports”, detailed guides based on their lived experiences, useful to those who wish to retrace the same adventures.

This approach based on sharing and altruism opens new possibilities for planning authentically personalized trips, thanks to the collective knowledge of the community.

Triplannerr offers various subscription profiles, including Traveler, Travel Maker, Travel Blogger, and Travel PRO, creating a complete ecosystem for travelers, by travelers.


If you’re reading this blog, you are an adventurous traveler, and I want to invite you to live a unique experience.

We are forming a Community of Travelers who will exclusively try the new digital platform we have created to organize and plan trips and vacations in total autonomy, avoiding any form of intermediation.

“We believe that the free and spontaneous sharing of information is the key to making ‘traveling’ a habit achievable by everyone.”

When you return from a trip, you are in possession of valuable information: the Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Guides, and experiences you’ve lived!

These are pieces of information you will never use again but are indispensable for those who want to make a trip similar to yours.

If you have lived an unforgettable experience, you have brought home all the necessary information to replicate it!

So why not share it? Why not leave other travelers the information you collected on the spot or during your experience? This way, others can save time (and money) and live travel experiences based on your stories.

We want to create a database of information available to everyone. Participate in the project, and you too can find the necessary information to plan your next trip with the help of the community!

We are creating a digital platform where you can find (and exchange) all the necessary information to plan and organize trips and vacations in total autonomy!

All this thanks to the “principle of sharing” and the solidarity among travelers who share information collected during their travel experiences.

If you want to participate in the final development phase of this new digital platform and become a Beta Tester (for free) by sending critiques, suggestions, and new ideas…

Join the Community of Independent Travelers.

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