How to Maximize the Use of Ryanair

How to Maximize the Use of Ryanair

Learning to use Ryanair to its fullest potential is the first step you need to take if you want to organize your trips entirely on your own like a true professional.

Ryanair is the most famous among “low-cost” airlines, partly because it was probably the first to offer travel tickets at low or very low prices. However, Ryanair is also known for its “unique” rules for boarding and flying on its planes.

In this post, I’ll explain how to use Ryanair by leveraging every way (trick) to spend as little as possible.

Maximizing Ryanair: First of all, sign up!

The first thing you need to do if you want to learn how to use Ryanair is to sign up on their website. If possible, use the options to sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Avoid using the sign-up form that requires entering your email and personal details. The reason is simple: like all websites run by the “giants” of the business travel world, Ryanair’s site is governed by an algorithm.

The purpose of this algorithm is to “learn” and know as much about you as possible. It wants to know what you like, what interests you, where you want to go, and how much you’re willing to spend.

So, you need to tell it as much as possible about yourself! This way, your “algorithm friend” will know in advance what you’re interested in, where you want to go, how much you’re willing to spend, and how many times you’ve abandoned the cart without buying anything.

If you use your Facebook or Google account to sign up, you’ll be more credible (the algorithm hates fake profiles!) and you’ll immediately provide detailed information about yourself, your friends, and your habits. We don’t know exactly which details, but for example, signing up with your Facebook or Google account automatically provides Ryanair with your email address. A great start!

The new privacy rules adopted by Facebook and Co., following the “innovations” introduced by Apple, have greatly limited trackability, storage, and data sharing (unfortunately for us who have figured out how to exploit cookies to our advantage), but you can be sure that signing up on Ryanair’s site using one of your accounts is the best way to start your “relationship” with the site’s algorithm, presenting yourself as a real person with clear needs and desires.

Obviously, EVERYTHING you had “told” Facebook (or Google) in the past and every future action, click, or page read on Ryanair’s site will be part of a well-thought-out plan and strategy you must always keep in mind while acting, not reflecting your real intentions or desires. If you want to make the most of Ryanair, always remember that, once logged in, all your actions on the site must be motivated by a precise strategy and a well-devised plan.

Your main goal is to make the algorithm understand your desires. But you shouldn’t reveal who you really are! Aside from your name and personal details (which will be real), all your actions and “desires” expressed while browsing will be the result of a strategy and plan devised before you connect.

You must “teach the algorithm to know the “buyer persona” you want to be represented by. Where would you like to go? What is the price you’re willing to pay for a flight or service? You need to profile the persona you want to represent for Ryanair’s algorithm, not the one you are in reality!

Everything will work better as you purchase flights and services, and in a short time, you’ll start receiving offers, discounts, and “suggestions” in line with your desires.

With every action you take, the “rank” assigned by the algorithm will improve, while your propensity to purchase will guarantee you the status of a “good customer”. At this point, you’ll start to enjoy many benefits inherent to Ryanair’s loyalty strategy.

Always remember that every “click” you make is observed and stored, and being aware of this should be an advantage for you in the “war” against the algorithm!

Now you’re ready to begin your journey on Ryanair’s site, shall we?

Maximizing Ryanair:

Once you’ve logged into Ryanair’s site, you’re presented with a screen containing all available options:How to Maximize the Use of Ryanair

Remember, if you want to use Ryanair to organize and plan your trips entirely on your own while spending as little as possible, you need to follow the process in reverse to how you would usually do: choose your destination based on the most convenient flight you find and then elaborate your itinerary after having purchased your flight tickets (which, in the case of intercontinental travels, represent the most significant expense to bear).

So, start exploring the “Explore” section but don’t start with “Search a Flight” unless you have an urgent need to reach a specific destination (an option not recommended).

To start “educating” Ryanair’s algorithm, I suggest you instead begin your navigation on the site by clicking on the options “Search Ryanair Room,” “Car Rental,” and “Search Events and Activities.” This way, the algorithm will understand that it can sell you other services besides air flights, and it likes that a lot!

These available options are very useful and, besides being an excellent alternative to plan (and save on) your travels, they hide very pleasant surprises:

Using Ryanair Rooms to accumulate money useful for paying for air flight tickets

The “Search Ryanair Room” option is a great alternative to or Airbnb and can be really useful for finding accommodation in your travel destination, but the biggest advantage is represented by Ryanair’s Flight Credit” program: For each accommodation booked using this function, Ryanair credits you 5% of the spent amount on your “Flight Credit.”

It’s an actual credit in Euros that you will find in the dedicated section accessible from your Dashboard profile. The amount can be used to purchase air tickets for international flights within 180 days from the credit.

Note that it’s not necessary to travel within the 180 days but only to redeem the credit. In practice, you can buy tickets for next year’s trip!

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the service is temporarily suspended, but it’s good to keep in mind that booking accommodation with Ryanair is a great strategy to save money!

Using Ryanair to rent a car

All services related to selling tickets for Ryanair flights are obviously designed to offer tourists a range of products at the precise moment the need arises: You buy a flight, arrive in a distant city, and need a rental car.

In the case of car rental, Ryanair has not adopted “aggressive” marketing strategies like the cashback thought for the purchase of accommodations, but still, it has very competitive rates worth evaluating and considering.

Ryanair operates with the main car rental carriers in the world, and it’s a safe bet that their agreements are designed to offer the best possible rate to the customer who has just purchased an airline ticket.

Using Ryanair to Purchase Activities and Events

The logic is the same as for car rentals: you arrive at a destination far from home and want to engage in fun or cultural activities. At this point, Ryanair offers you a range of alternatives, from guided tours of monuments to sports events or concerts. Again, the logic of marketing suggests that the accessible rates be competitive with those available on other sites: Ryanair wants to sell you everything and earn your loyalty!

The offer of activities to do and events to attend provided by Ryanair Tickets is truly broad, and you can find useful suggestions to make your trip unforgettable. However, I suggest (also in this case) to take the opposite approach: first identify the activity to be carried out at a good price in a given travel destination and start from here to plan your departure and verify the optimal conditions to decide to leave.

A really useful function to implement this strategy is prominently displayed on the page: you can start your search by simply typing a destination in the world and view in a second all the activities that are proposed to you. Another possibility to refine your search is represented by the “Categories” option (in the middle of the page) that allows you to select Sports Events, Concerts, Cultural Activities, or other activities to be carried out in the chosen destination.

I developed a very similar function (but extremely different in concept and operation) in , the new platform dedicated to the organization of travel and vacations that I promote on this blog. I invite you to immediately participate in the final testing phase of the new site by signing up for the Facebook group Triplannerr.

Try Somewhere New

Another option offered by Ryanair is “Try Somewhere New,” which suggests real travel guides on available destinations. A kind of blog with articles and information that should inspire your travels.

This is the section of the site I like the least and believe I have developed much better on by stimulating the spontaneous sharing of information and interaction among users who, by recounting their travels, offer the opportunity to learn in a more direct and credible way, providing real information gathered during their travel experiences. In my opinion, Ryanair’s blog is sterile and not very useful.

The “Destinations” tab, however, is, in my opinion, much more useful and stimulating because here you can find suggestions on destinations reachable by air. Even in this case, however, I find the section poorly maintained and useless.

The same function is much more developed on where it is truly capable of offering inspiration in planning travels and useful information for all those who intend to replicate the travel experience told by another user.

Using Ryanair “Destinations” to plan a trip.

A truly useful function is the “Destinations” one, which you can access from the dashboard by following the “Destinations” link

You’ll immediately access a page that displays the world map. You can choose a departure airport and view all the airports connected with Ryanair flights!

Moreover, it’s possible to set filters to conduct targeted searches based on:

  • Budget
  • Destination (the option to select “anywhere” as the destination is very useful)
  • Departure date (the day you want to leave)
  • Length of the trip (one-way trip, duration in days, or date range)
  • Type of trip: “City Break” “Family” “Golf” “Nightlife” “Outdoors” “Beach”

By setting the available filters, you’ll display the results, and this will be an excellent starting point to begin planning your trip.

You’ll find a very similar search engine on, but with a significant difference: while the filters on Ryanair are used to select flights offered by the airline, on, they’re used to display “Travel Reports” that other travelers have posted to share information collected during their trips. In these reports, you’ll find:

  • itineraries, integrated with Google Maps
  • photos and videos of the destinations included in the itinerary
  • hotels, with reviews and images uploaded directly by the traveler sharing their journey
  • restaurants, with prices, photos of the dishes, and reviews
  • activities undertaken with descriptions, images, and videos directly from the traveler sharing their journey
  • all the useful elements to replicate the journey told, accompanied by a summary of costs and all the contacts of local tourism operators (hotels, restaurants, etc.) that the traveler has already used (and recommends).

If the local tourism operator is present on Triplannerr, you’ll also find a direct link to their page!

All of this is completely FREE and with the guarantee of receiving information directly from another traveler who has lived the experience before you and wanted to share it on

Using Ryanair to book a flight

The main reason you’re reading this post and need information on how to use Ryanair is that you want to purchase airline tickets at the lowest possible price.

I need to make another small premise and ask you a question: How do you think Ryanair can sell you an airline ticket to an international destination for only €5.00?

Anyone who has already traveled with Ryanair knows “their” answer.

First of all, the airline has minimized expenses, the space allocated to passengers, the luggage that can be brought into the cabin, and any additional service. So, if you want to use Ryanair, be prepared for an uncomfortable journey without additional services, which are available but at a cost.

Now, to understand the whole process let’s try to purchase a plane ticket: First, as mentioned before, if you really want to save money, you must not have constraints on dates or destinations and purchase tickets for the flight under the best possible conditions, taking advantage of promotions or booking well in advance of the departure date.

Let’s proceed: to find the most affordable flights, you have two possible starting points: the “Route Map” or “Destinations”. In both cases, you can set a departure airport. You can choose the one closest to you (to save on transfer expenses) or the one from which there are the best offers (I recommend investing some time to evaluate the cost of tickets from different airports, the price difference can be substantial).

Let’s say we have chosen “Bari” as our departure airport and start evaluating the proposed destinations in terms of price or date. Indeed, Ryanair’s proposals will be many and, in addition to suggesting destinations reachable from the airport you have chosen, the site also offers dates when prices are more affordable.

At this stage, you have three filters available to refine your search based on:

  • dates: selecting the month you want to leave (or when you hope to find the best offer)
  • budget: selecting the budget you want to spend on travel tickets
  • type of trip: selecting the type of activities you want to do once you reach your destination

I proceed with the simulation trying to purchase a ticket to “Kos” in Greece.

Immediately after clicking on the destination, the site suggests a date and shows me the flight route.

Right below the proposed flight, there’s an active option: “see other prices”. Clicking on it, the site shows me a page where, for the same flight, it suggests alternative dates and prices, proving that the first result offered is indeed the best possible offer.

If at this point I am willing to depart on the suggested date and at the price of €4.99, I proceed with the purchase.

Once the departure date is selected, I must click on the “Add Return” button. At this point, a second chart appears with possible alternatives for the return. The price is double that of the outbound journey, but considering it’s only €13.00, I decide to continue.

At this point, here’s the surprise: to continue using Ryanair, I have a series of possibilities:

  1. I can proceed with purchasing the trip for €17.98 (the rate I had chosen), but I can only bring a very small bag and nothing else. Moreover, I can’t reserve a seat on the plane but will have to sit where indicated at boarding. Finally, I’ll have to queue for everything and, probably, pay a surcharge for airport check-in.
  2. Purchasing the “Regular” fare. I’ll have to add €20.93 (for each flight so €20.93+€20.93= €41.86, which added to the initial price (€17.98) makes €59.84, which, I must specify, is still an excellent offer for an international flight. With this fare, I can bring with me (besides the very small bag) also a 10 kg hand luggage. I can choose and reserve my seat in the cabin but only among those available for this fare (not among all available seats) and I will have priority over passengers who have purchased the base fare. Not bad, I’d say! Even if the luggage dimensions and its weight are still very limiting for a 15-day trip.
  3. With the “Plus” fare, INSTEAD of the 10 kg hand luggage, I can check a 20 kg suitcase. Moreover, I can bring the usual very small hand luggage, reserve my seat in the cabin (only among those available for this fare) and have free airport check-in (within 40 minutes before the flight). The cost of Check-in with “Value” and “Regular” fares is an unknown that can vary based on the flight, destination, and departure airport. In this case, I’ll have to add €29.99 for each flight. So I arrive at the sum of €77.96, which is not bad at all for an international flight!
  4. Finally, I can choose to use Ryanair to its fullest potential and purchase the “Flexi Plus” fare. In this case, I’ll have to add €70.22 to each flight reaching a total of €158.42, but I’ll have priority in the boarding procedures, can bring with me a very small bag and a 10 kg hand luggage, can choose my seat on board without limitation (except for seats already occupied by other passengers), will have access to a dedicated lane during boarding to avoid queues, won’t have to pay for airport check-in, and will also have the option to change the dates of departure and return flights.As you see, even by selecting the most expensive fare, if you have no constraints in choosing the departure and return dates and destination, you can travel spending more than accessible amounts!The real trick to maximize the possibility of using Ryanair for travel is to have no constraints, not to bring luggage, and to have a lot of patience and to queue at the airport.

    You must be very careful because if you want to use Ryanair to fly with the minimum fare, you must know the conditions for flying very well and strictly adhere to the imposed limits, which are always checked.

    Obviously, the company tends to sell the higher fares and any pretext is used (during boarding) to force you to upgrade to a higher fare. You seriously risk not being boarded and not being able to depart!

    Subscribe to the Newsletter

    All actions you take on the site to communicate with the algorithm are useful to receive privileged treatment. Subscribing to the Newsletter is certainly a clear gesture that communicates your willingness to frequently return to purchase products on the site.

    I strongly advise you to do so and to read the emails that will be sent to you. If you purchase the offers found in the Newsletters, you will be “promoted” to Mailing Lists that are more “targeted” with very advantageous offers.

    I advise you to return to the site as often as possible and “simulate” the purchase of trips to countries where you would like to go. Go up to the cart and then stop just before entering your card details for payment. With good probability, in the following weeks, you will receive offers on those destinations in Ryanair’s Newsletter.


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