How to Travel Independently

In this Blog, you’ll find ideas, suggestions, and advice on how to travel independently. But what exactly do we mean? What do you want to do exactly?

Do you want to be able to organise and plan trips and holidays avoiding any form of intermediary:

  • Tour Operator
  • Travel Agency
  • Travel Agent
  • Travel Consultants

You believe that none of these professionals can be useful and you want to act entirely independently by addressing directly the final providers of the services necessary for your holiday:

  • Travel Carriers (Trains, Ships, Planes, Buses, or Car Rentals)
  • Hotels, Resorts, Holiday Villages, B&Bs, and Guesthouses
  • Restaurants, Street Food
  • Tour Guides and Local Agents

Why do you want to understand and learn how to travel independently?

Until not so long ago, intermediaries were absolutely necessary to organise and plan a trip. The information in their possession was an exclusive advantage that put all intermediaries in a position to be indispensable. It was impossible to buy or book tickets for trips abroad, and all the information needed to find and contact the final providers of the necessary services was exclusively held by professionals. Their advantage lay in the possession of information, contacts, and relationships with local operators. They would obtain this information by visiting the final destinations in person and striking deals with local operators.

Today, you no longer need them! Today, the internet allows everyone to find, contact, agree upon, and pay for every service necessary for planning and organising a trip or holiday.

What’s the advantage?

Learning how to travel independently sets you free. You can decide every detail of your holiday and choose the final providers of the services you will pay for directly.

Paying directly also means (but not always) saving money. You can save if the price you pay is lower than what a professional would pay (who resells the service to you after purchasing it under favourable conditions). You might end up paying more if the final provider reserves a discount or a lower price for professionals compared to what they charge the end customer (you).

So, think carefully about what you’re doing if your only goal is to spend as little as possible. After researching, gathering information, planning, and estimating the cost of your trip, also consider the proposals from professionals before deciding how to proceed.

If, however, your goal is to be free and to decide and plan your travel experience in every detail, you’re in the right place!

In this Blog, you will find everything you need to plan trips like a professional.

Information is the key!

The internet has set us free. Thanks to the web, you can find all the information you need and directly contact the final providers of the services necessary for your trip. The advantage that intermediaries had has been nullified.

However, information isn’t everything, be careful!

Learning how to travel independently requires more than just having information! You also need the necessary skills to understand how to travel by leveraging the web and to make the most of the tools and functionalities that the internet offers you.

Don’t think it’s easy! Making mistakes is a very likely possibility. This time, however, you won’t be able to blame the Travel Agency (which compensates you if they make a mistake) but only yourself (and you’ll lose both money and your holiday!).

Do not underestimate all the necessary work, plan every detail, consider all possibilities, and follow all the advice and tips you will find in this BLOG.

What skills do you need to have to organise your trips independently?

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But to learn how to travel independently also requires a lot of practice and experience. The tools we have available thanks to the internet have eliminated the competitive advantage that intermediaries had. However, having the information is not everything! The professionalism of Agencies should not be underestimated, and to manage to travel with the same peace of mind while avoiding their services, you must be ready to

  • carry out extensive research
  • gather precise and detailed information
  • purchase travel tickets without knowing in detail the sales conditions or the clauses provided in case of poor service or failure to depart (the contracts are very long and indecipherable to the untrained eye).
  • contact the final providers of the necessary services, negotiate prices, and pay (without being scammed)
  • take on all responsibility (and risk) towards all participants and yourself: no protection, insurance (unless you purchase it at the time of purchase), or refunds in case of service failures or scams.

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