How to Travel Avoiding Intermediaries

Organising a trip completely independently is not simple. The first difficulty you’ll face is the apparent simplicity! The tools available to everyone (for free) seem to facilitate the necessary operations, making them immediate. You must remember that every time you take an action that brings you closer to organising your trip, you are actually purchasing a service. This is why buying an airline ticket for an intercontinental flight has become so easy!

Even the airline’s website is just an e-commerce!

come viaggiare evitando gli intermediari

The ultimate goal of the simplicity you find in completing your purchase is the result of meticulous marketing studies.

The usability of the site, the possibility to pay with various payment methods, and the ease you encounter in purchasing the services you need to plan your trip are, in reality, the fruit of the labour of professional marketers and webmasters who have devised the perfect system to push you to buy the product on sale.

Once you understand that even the beautiful websites with their enticing interfaces are nothing but “e-commerce”, start to consider them as real tools and carefully evaluate the commercial proposals you find.

Using the Tools Available

The internet has completely nullified the competitive advantage that intermediaries had until recently. The tools that the internet provides have made everyone capable of knowing how to travel avoiding intermediaries and able to plan and organise trips and holidays completely independently. It’s up to us to use them wisely! You must avoid gross errors to be able to plan trips like a professional.

Come Viaggiare evitando gli Intermediari

What tools are at your disposal? Let’s start dividing the services necessary to organise a trip independently into different categories:

  • Travel carriers and means of transport (airplanes, trains, buses, ships, and car rentals)
  • Accommodations (hotels, B&Bs, resorts, tourist villages)
  • Meals (restaurants, fast food, street food, bars)
  • Entertainment (nightlife, theme parks, travel experiences)
  • Tourist services (tour guides, excursions, activities, rentals, tours)
  • Insurances (on the trip, on purchases, health)

For each of these services, there are many different solutions. All valid and all at your disposal for free! You only pay for the services you choose to include in your holiday.

Read the articles collected in the “How to Travel Using the Web” category of our Blog, and you will find useful tips and advice to make the most of the enormous potential offered by the internet network.

Come Viaggiare evitando gli Intermediari

Learning How to Travel Avoiding Intermediaries. Is it Always Worthwhile?

You are an adventurous traveller. You read this blog because you want to learn how to travel avoiding intermediaries and organise your trips and holidays completely independently.

Here you will find plenty of tips and suggestions that will help you plan trips like a professional, but you must always keep in mind that going it alone also means taking risks.

Is a ruined holiday a possibility you’re willing to face? Travel Agencies can sometimes be convenient compared to “DIY”, and they certainly offer guarantees and protections that you will have to forgo by organising the entire trip independently.

Carefully assess the risks you are taking while planning your trip and consider the possibility of relying on professionals even just for some of the services necessary for your trip.

For example, you can rely on an agency for tickets and hotels and then do everything else independently.

In this way, you are protected for the essential services (and generally more expensive), and you still have the utmost autonomy for all other aspects of your trip.

What is Travel Maker For?

If you want to learn how to travel avoiding intermediaries, you are in the right place! Are you adventurous enough to do everything independently? Do you have the necessary skills to plan your trip avoiding all intermediaries?

This site is the first step to becoming a serial traveller accustomed to travelling the world without needing any kind of intermediary.



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When you return from a trip, you possess valuable information: the Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Guides, and experiences you’ve lived through!

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