How to Travel Using the Web

The internet has set you free! By leveraging the functionalities that the network makes available to everyone, you can plan and organise your travels and holidays completely independently. All the information that was once a competitive advantage reserved for professionals (travel agencies and tour operators) today is (for free) at the disposal of all adventurous travellers. To travel independently, however, you must learn how to travel using the web by taking advantage of all its potential and avoiding the dangers that always lurk when navigating the web without adequate preparation.

come viaggiare sfruttando il web

What are the dangers you might find on the internet? The expertise of professionals in the Travel sector is not just an invention used to sell a product. What they say is true! Organising and planning a trip completely independently also involves taking significant risks. The certainties, guarantees, and insurances that you’ll find by relying on a professional are incomparable to the condition in which you’ll put yourself by doing everything independently. The first major obstacle you will have to overcome will be learning how to travel using the web without falling into scams and deceptions or, if things go well, into the trap set by some webmaster experienced in online sales techniques. In the posts published on this blog, under the category “travelling avoiding intermediaries“, you will find advice on how to organise your trips independently. The first thing you must keep in mind while navigating online is that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, the sites where you’ll purchase the services necessary to plan your trip are e-commerce sites. They are therefore created and optimised to push you to make the purchase. The ease of use, the “user-friendly” aspect, and the scarcity of the offer they propose are nothing but ploys artfully created to induce you to buy the products on sale.

come viaggiare sfruttando il web

For example? Have you ever tried to look for airline tickets? You find a good offer, set it aside, and continue to look for a better one but when you return to buy the tickets the offer has expired and the tickets cost more. Even after just a few minutes. The entire user experience you’ve lived was specifically created to induce you to buy the tickets immediately and without discussion. Another example? Booking a hotel room on sites like or is very easy and fun. Even on these platforms, marketing techniques are widely used to induce immediate purchase:

  • Book the room now, there’s only one left free!

Have you ever wondered if it’s true? Have you ever tried to search for the hotel’s site and book directly? Learning how to travel using the web is essential to avoid bad surprises during the holiday. The internet has provided a great service to independent travellers who want to plan and organise trips avoiding any form of intermediation, but it is also a dangerous environment for those who are not well acquainted with purchasing procedures and marketing techniques. It’s very easy to be preyed upon by expert manipulators who, in the best case, will manage to sell their product making you pay more than due, while in the worst case, they will manage to scam you and take your money without giving anything in return.

come viaggiare sfruttando il web
Maximum caution! But if you’ve come to this blog, you’ve already started a smart path and are looking for advice and tips to learn how to organise yourself independently, avoiding scams and deceptions. In all the posts collected in the category on how to travel using the web, you will find everything you need to make the most of the network’s potential and learn to recognise all the dangers hidden in the beautiful sites that allow you to avoid all intermediaries.



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