Planning Trips Like a Professional

Planning trips like a professional is not easy, but today, thanks to the internet, it’s possible. Advice and tips for avoiding any form of intermediation. The purpose of this blog is to guide you on a learning journey that will make you capable of planning trips like a professional. The competitive advantage that, until recently, made intermediaries (agencies and tour operators) essential for trip planning has now been nullified by the internet.

pianificare i viaggi come un professionista
pianificare i viaggi come un professionista

How do professionals operate? Having information (contacts of local agents and providers of essential services in the planning of a trip) and the ability to communicate with them were exclusive advantages of travel industry professionals. Their role as intermediaries made sense precisely because they were the only ones who had invested time and money to:

  • visit travel destinations (and in some cases discovered or even created them from scratch, such as Sharm el-Sheikh or the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia.
  • select and evaluate local operators (hotels, restaurants, tour guides, local agents)
  • enter into contracts and agreements with local operators
  • develop and package products to sell to end consumers (you)

This is how and why, until recently, turning to professionals was indispensable.

pianificare i viaggi come un professionista

The Internet Revolution Allows You to Plan Trips Like a Professional The internet has completely zeroed the competitive advantage that professionals had! Thanks to the (free) functionalities available to everyone, it is possible to:

  • find travel destinations worldwide. Google has mapped and photographed every corner of the planet, and its functionalities allow you to virtually visit locations worldwide. Google Maps integrates information related to Hotels, Restaurants, and activities to do. Everything is linked to web pages (Google My Business), managed directly by the owners, which contain information and contacts of all the companies providing services exactly in the place we want to visit. Then Google Maps also provides directions (satellite navigation) to reach the destination.
  • websites like allow you to find, see, and choose hotels of every type in all the travel destinations in the world. Just a few clicks and you need to stay comfortably seated on your couch at home!
  • modern payment systems (such as PayPal) allow you to pay for performances and services with extreme ease, securely entering into contracts and booking all kinds of service
  • all local operators (hotels, tour guides, and local agents) are always reachable via the internet. Not only using e-mails but also with instant messaging systems (WhatsApp and Messenger, for example). You can even make a voice call or video call (for free) worldwide!
  • you can plan your travel itinerary, customising every aspect of your holiday and choose to pay only for the services you want to use and the activities you want to undertake!
pianificare i viaggi come un professionista
Is Planning Trips Like a Professional Always Worthwhile? Leveraging the web to organise your trips can be fun and rewarding. If you have good internet navigation skills and are an enterprising person, you will have no trouble understanding how to plan a trip. However, you must be very careful because you will be the only one responsible for the success of your holiday but also for any service failures and problems that occur! You will have no protection (unless you have been so prudent as to have taken out insurance policies to guarantee your trip). Sometimes it can be convenient (as well as smart) to consider the offers created by professionals or take the tourist packages designed by operators to compose portions of your itinerary. In this way, you delegate to the professional only the responsibilities you do not want to assume.



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