How to Use the Rail Planner App

How to Use the Rail Planner App

Did you know that you can use the Rail Planner App to plan train journeys across Europe?

Train travel is a great alternative when traveling in developed and technologically advanced countries. The standards of train travel have improved significantly, often surpassing those we’re accustomed to when flying. Modern trains are incredibly comfortable and offer services unthinkable on airplanes. In much of Europe, high-speed trains have significantly reduced travel times, making train travel between European capitals much faster than flying.

Moreover, when you add the time needed to reach airports (which are always far from city centers) and the more complicated boarding procedures for airplanes (compared to trains), the competitiveness of train travel is clear!

Using the Rail Planner App to Travel by Train in Europe

Perhaps you didn’t know that traveling by train in Europe is very easy, fun, and quite affordable. You can purchase a single travel pass valid (unlimited) across the entire European network for a predefined period! On the website, you will find all the information necessary to organize your train journey across Europe independently.

In fact, you’re purchasing a “Pass” that allows you to freely travel on European trains for a set number of days (you decide how many). There are two types of passes:

By using the App Rail Planner, you can purchase an “Interrail Global Pass,” allowing you to travel freely on all trains (and ferries) in 33 EU countries for the duration of your pass.

How to Use the Rail Planner App

Alternatively, you can use the App Rail Planner to purchase an “Interrail One Country Pass,” which allows you to travel freely on the entire railway network (and ferries) of the country you select at the time of purchase. This option is designed for tourists who intend to thoroughly explore a single country and not travel to other countries during their trip.

How to Use the Rail Planner App

How to Use the Rail Planner App?

Once you’ve purchased your “pass” (which can be done via the website or directly from the app), you’ll always have it on your smartphone to show to the control staff across the entire railway network (or on ferries): you can travel without having to worry about anything. The Pass can be purchased (or used) up to 11 months before the trip.

At the time of purchase, you will have a series of options that differ in their duration in days:

How to Use the Rail Planner App

In practice, you can purchase “travel days” within a certain timeframe: in the case of the image above, the offer marked as “Most Popular” allows you to buy a “Pass” valid for seven days (on which you can travel) within a one-month period.

How to Use the Rail Planner App to Plan Your Journey?

Now you have a powerful tool to plan your train travels! You just need to choose your main destination for your trip and then all the secondary ones. For example? I choose to go to Paris starting from Rome. By purchasing my pass, I insert the necessary day for the outbound journey and the one for the return journey. Then, based in Paris, I can purchase the “travel days” necessary to reach the secondary destinations of the trip. In this case, I have another five travel days that I can use to reach secondary destinations.

However, if I have purchased an “Interrail Global Pass,” I can decide to plan an itinerary that involves staying only one day in each destination and traveling every day to a new city.

The convenience and practicality are clear, and, all things considered, the “passes” are also very affordable.

This app is very easy to use and is perfect for independent travelers who love to organize their trips entirely on their own.

The only limitation: “Passes” can be purchased only by European citizens or those permanently residing in Europe.


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