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How to Use TripAdvisor

How to Use TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has established itself as one of the most influential sites in the tourism sector, offering users powerful tools to plan perfect trips.

This post delves into the details of the TripAdvisor site, highlighting its unique features and providing tips on how to make the most of them.

Overview of TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor provides reviews, advice, photos, and tips on hotels, experiences, restaurants, and flights from a vast community of travelers.

Its strength lies in the wealth of information available, which helps users make informed decisions.

How to Use TripAdvisor

How to Use TripAdvisor: Using Filters to Find the Best Accommodation

Searching for accommodations on TripAdvisor is simplified by using filters that allow you to select options based on price, location, available amenities, and user reviews.

These tools are essential for narrowing down your search to the perfect hotel that meets your needs.

If you think you already know how to use TripAdvisor, I recommend carefully experimenting with these filters: you’ll discover that you can improve your experience and manage to find better solutions for your trip.

You’ll make your choice much more consciously.

The “Don’t Know When to Go?” Feature

This innovative feature helps users discover the times of the year when the desired accommodation has the lowest price. By integrating this information with annual weather conditions, users can plan their trip at the most advantageous and comfortable time.

“Things to Do” Page

The “Things to Do” section is a treasure trove of information on attractions, tours, and experiences. Filters for categories, ratings, and type of activity allow you to customize your search.

A tip is to carefully read the reviews and look at the photos posted by travelers to get an authentic idea of the experience.

“Restaurants” Page

This segment of TripAdvisor is crucial for food lovers. It allows you to discover the best restaurants nearby, filtering by cuisine type, price range, and rating.

Reading recent reviews can provide an overview of the food and service quality.

“Flights” Page

Searching for flights on TripAdvisor allows you to compare prices and schedules between different airlines.

Tips for use include checking date flexibility and exploring alternative airports to get the best rates.

I recommend repeating your flight search using other tools available on the web. In this blog, you will find many other articles on this topic. I suggest you read: “How to Use Skyscanner” and “Use Google Fly to Fly Around the World.”

“Vacation Rentals” Page

This feature allows users to find unique accommodations, from apartments to villas, offering more privacy and space.

It’s advisable to read reviews and verify the location to ensure it matches your needs.

“Travel Stories” Page and Triplannerr

While TripAdvisor offers reviews and photos, the Triplannerr project goes further, allowing travelers to publish detailed “Travel Reports,” including travel stories and useful information to organize itineraries autonomously.

These reports are enriched with geolocated photos and direct links to Google Maps, promoting an exchange of information based on altruism and solidarity.

Triplannerr’s Travel Reports gather on a single page all the information needed to organize your trip autonomously.

“Reviews” Feature

On TripAdvisor, users can write reviews, post photos, and add new places, contributing to the site’s wealth of information.

Compared to Triplannerr’s “Travel Reports,” these reviews offer a more direct and personal approach to travel experiences.

Conclusion and the Triplannerr Project

TripAdvisor remains an indispensable tool for travelers. However, the Triplannerr project introduces a new way of sharing travel experiences, based on community and free sharing of detailed and useful information, without intermediaries.

Triplannerr not only facilitates the organization of trips autonomously but also promotes a sense of community among travelers, who help each other by sharing their experiences and advice.

Learn how to use TripAdvisor to the fullest but consider joining the Triplannerr project!


If you’re reading this blog, you’re an adventurous traveler, and I want to invite you to experience something unique. We are forming a Community of Travelers who will exclusively try out the new digital platform we’ve created to organize and plan trips and vacations entirely autonomously, avoiding all forms of intermediation.

“We believe that the free and spontaneous sharing of information is the key to making ‘traveling’ a habit achievable by everyone.”

When you return from a trip, you possess valuable information: Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Guides, the experiences you’ve had! These are pieces of information you will never use again, but they are indispensable for someone who wants to take a journey similar to yours.

If you’ve lived an unforgettable experience, you’ve brought home all the information necessary to replicate it! So, why not share it?

Why not leave other travelers the information you’ve gathered on the spot or during your experience?

This way, others can save time (and money) and live travel experiences based on your stories. We want to create a database of information available to everyone.

Join the project, and you too can find the information needed to plan your next trip with the help of the community!

We are creating a digital platform where you can find (and exchange) all the necessary information to plan and organize trips and vacations completely autonomously!

All this thanks to the “principle of sharing” and the solidarity among travelers who share information collected during their travel experiences.

If you want to participate in the final phase of the development of this new digital platform and become a Beta Tester (for free) by sending feedback, suggestions, and new ideas…

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