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No Stop Travelers is a very useful website if you’re looking for ideas or deals to leverage for travel planning. Making the best use of sites like this is the best way to optimize your chances of traveling by exploiting the potential that the web offers you.

No Stop Travelers: What is it?

No Stop Travelers is a hub where you’ll find thousands of travel offers sorted and presented in a way that facilitates site consultation. Thus, by selecting:

  • Destination
  • Type of Trip
  • Departure Date
  • Place of Departure

you can see a series of proposals that match your search. The site does not promise discounts or incredibly advantageous offers (although the proposals it shows are almost all discounted offers) but is very useful for saving time and getting an immediate overview of what the market offers regarding the destination you have chosen, the type of trip you want to make, or the date and place from which you will depart.

No Stop Travelers: How does it work?

No Stop Travelers

International Travel

The site is exclusively intended for travelers departing from Italy. The homepage displays the “Top 4 offers” and a showcase of travel proposals.

The selection bar at the top allows you to select the criterion with which to conduct your search according to your needs, and you will see all the proposals available on the platform.

For international travels, most proposals redirect to the Sky Scanner website and exclusively suggest flights, although sometimes there are also suggestions on activities that can be done once you arrive at the destination.

In this case, the advantage of using No Stop Travelers is mainly that you can see what flights are available without being tracked by Sky Scanner’s cookies or those of the airline websites.

Every time you use Sky Scanner or even when you directly open the websites of the Airlines, your searches are tracked, and you enter a sales funnel specifically created to induce you to make an immediate purchase.

To push you to buy immediately, these operators raise the price of the tickets after a short time (if you leave the page and then come back, you will find them at a higher price even a few minutes later) or tell you that only a few seats are available and if you don’t buy immediately, they will be overbooked.

These are all tricks designed by expert marketers (including psychologists) to sell as much as possible and prevent other proposals from changing your mind.

The truth is that they use these marketing techniques to push you to buy immediately or to sell you tickets at a higher price.

When you perform a search (or simulate buying an airplane ticket), you clearly express your interest in that particular flight; your IP address enters the tracking systems, and from that moment on, you will be a victim of these marketing techniques.

Using the No Stop Travelers site, you can see all available offers without being tracked by the sites where they are found and only open the sites from which to make the purchase after comparing rates and making your decision.

This way, you have a better chance of buying tickets for your travel destination at the best price.

A possible alternative to No Stop Travelers is to conduct your searches in incognito mode, a feature present in all browsers that allows you to surf the web avoiding cookie tracking.

Travel in Italy

For travels within Italy (there’s a dedicated section) or Europe, the No Stop Travelers site offers complete vacation packages.

Most often, it redirects to sites like Momondo and Trivago, with the advantage of finding a more comprehensive and detailed description and viewing a selection (made by No Stop Travelers) of all the offers available on the web.

To the time saved, you must add the guarantee of viewing only proposals from valid and certified operators. Navigating autonomously in the vastness of the web, it’s very easy to come across unscrupulous or even fraudulent operators ready to do anything to sell you a trip or vacation.

No Stop Travelers

No Stop Travelers : “Package” Function

By selecting the “packages” option from the main menu of the site, you can view a list of travel experiences selected by “No Stop Travelers” which includes destinations, types of trips, and “all-inclusive” packages selected and indexed.

This makes it easy to find inspiration and suggestions when you are looking for a trip to take and do not have precise ideas about the destination or type of trip you intend to make.

In this case, too, “No Stop Travelers” merely makes a selection and redirects you to the sites selling the offers.

“Type of Trip” Function

This is another of the possibilities that the site offers you to start the search for a probable trip or vacation.

In this case, the criterion used is the “type of trip.” By selecting this option, you display a list with various types of trips. On the next click, you will see the selection of travel proposals prepared by No Stop Travelers that redirects to the sites where the packages are for sale.

Here too, much time is saved, cookies are avoided, and only certified travel proposals are displayed.

“When You Leave” and “Where You Leave From” Functions

No Stop Travelers has also included the parameters “when you leave” and “where you leave from” to query its database of travel proposals. By selecting one of these functions, you will display a list of travel proposals in line with your request.

In this way, the results you will see are optimized based on the date you want to leave or the place from where you are leaving. Two determining parameters when it comes to finding the best offer based on the date or, for example, from the airport from which to depart.

No Stop Travelers: How to Use It

The advantages of using a site like No Stop Travelers are mainly three:

  • Viewing a list of quality offers in line with the trip you want to make
  • Viewing offers without being tracked by cookies
  • Having a powerful tool to compare the travel offers you find or receive or find by browsing the web.


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