Organizing a Trip with Car Pooling

Organizing a trip with Car Pooling is an excellent idea for planning a fun vacation with new friends on a low budget.

If you’re looking for a way to independently organize your vacations while saving on travel expenses, keep reading this post!

Do you like making new friends and experiencing your vacations with new people? This is a way to solve all your problems and ensure a cost-effective and fun trip (almost always fun! It will depend on the people you decide to share the car with).

Organizing a trip with Car Pooling is definitely a good idea but only if you take precautions and are fully aware of your choice:

  • You will travel in a car sharing a very small space with strangers.
  • You must precisely establish the terms of the agreement (or know well the terms of the website or App you used to find your travel companions).
  • You cannot change your mind once departed: stops, route, speed, and cabin temperature must be established before leaving and cannot be changed unless unanimously agreed upon.

Organizing a trip with Car Pooling: Websites

There are many tools available to organize a trip with Car Pooling that, thanks to the internet, allow you to find people who need to make the same journey and are willing to share the seats in their cars and the costs for fuel.

The advantages vary depending on the main purposes of the site or App you choose to use.

Let’s see the main ones and their features:


BlaBlaCar is the most well-known service and the first you’ll find if you’re thinking of organizing a trip with Car Pooling. It’s also the most recognized. As soon as you arrive on the site, you will face two choices:

  • Offer a ride: In this case, you will need to set the departure and destination of the trip, the date, the number of passengers you want to transport, and how you want to receive payment (cash or card). The site then suggests a “recommended price,” but you can modify the amount (if you have a luxury car or if your car consumes a lot of gasoline, or if you expect additional expenses such as tolls). However, you cannot exceed a certain threshold because the site does not allow offering rides to earn money. You can also post a photo of yourself (or your car) to show who you are and complete your announcement with a text message including recommendations (non-smokers in the car, pets welcome, maximum luggage, music listening) or the reason for your trip. Finally, you can also offer a return trip!
  • Where you want to go: In this case, you will need to set the place of departure and destination, the date, the number of passengers requesting the ride.

Then you just need to click on the search button to find all available rides.

With BlaBlaCar, it’s also possible to find bus travel tickets.

Organizing an itinerant trip using BlaBlaCar is complicated but not impossible. You will need to adapt the itinerary and departure dates to the offers found, but using BlaBlaCar in combination with other websites or Apps is not an impossible task.

It’s much easier to organize the trip to and from a single destination, considering that often users offering rides between very distant destinations also offer the return trip.

Organizing a Trip with Car Pooling

Autostrade carpooling

Organizing a trip with Car Pooling not only contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and pollutants but also helps to decrease traffic congestion. For this reason, Autostrade per l’Italia has launched a service that allows offering and searching for car rides among users traveling on the motorway network. The advantage of this service is that it can be used by all motorists (and passengers) who need to travel the same section of the motorway.

Another valid alternative is

The operation of the site is similar to BlaBlaCar but with substantial differences that make it ideal for those who want to organize a trip with Car Pooling:

To use the service, you first need to register and become a “Tripper”! The process is very simple and requires only a name, nickname, and email.

You can post a travel request with a starting location and a destination. For example, from Rome to Berlin.

Enter the route and set a deadline. You can also specify if you want to contribute to the travel expenses or if you are looking for a ride in exchange for friendship. This option is very useful if, in addition to a way to save money, you are looking for a way to find travel companions.

Your ad will be visible until the date you have set for the deadline. Therefore, you will have the advantage of being visible for an entire year while waiting for someone willing to offer you a ride.

Of course, you must be ready to leave at any moment. It may also happen that someone reads your ad and contacts you to agree on the departure date!

You can also consult the list of posted trips (requests and offers) and decide to join!

Organizing a Trip with Car Pooling


This site is dedicated to workers commuting to their workplace. It could be useful to integrate with other services and complete the steps necessary to finish an itinerant journey. However, remember to inform people that your ride is occasional and you are not a commuter!

Organizing a Trip with Car Pooling: Conclusions

Organizing a trip with Car Pooling will help you save money and turn your journey into a real adventure, but it requires a huge organizational effort. You must also be prepared for setbacks and inconveniences: you cannot blame anyone if due to an unforeseen event or misunderstanding, your plan cannot be followed. Finally, while organizing a trip with Car Pooling is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and experience exciting adventures, on the other hand, you must be ready for an adventurous experience that can be fun but also uncomfortable and complicated.


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