How to Plan Activities During Your Trip

To organise a trip independently and avoid any form of intermediation, you need skills, initiative, and a lot of time dedicated to research.

I believe that the preparation phase is already part of the trip, and the adventure begins the moment I choose the destination, in front of the PC.

When does the journey start? Do you think the journey begins on the day of departure? Do you feel on a trip only after boarding the plane?

When we start planning a trip, we often make the mistake of focusing our attention on how to plan travel itineraries or how to plan travel expenses.

But what is the most important factor of our trip? When you return home, are your memories focused on your flight? Do you look at photos of your hotel room? Do you keep looking at images of the dishes you ate in restaurants? I don’t think so! What really matters are the travel experiences! The memories you will carry with you once the trip is over will be the emotions experienced by living travel experiences outside your ordinary life. Emotions are the real reason we love to travel!

Let’s see then how to plan activities during your trip and what are the phases to organise activities during your travels.

How to Plan Activities During Your Trip: The Research Phase

The first thing to decide when you start planning a trip is the destination.

Once you’ve decided where to go and before thinking about

  • the trip
  • the hotels
  • the restaurants

we need to schedule what we want to do once we arrive at the destination of our travel experience.

Arriving in a wonderful place without knowing what we will do during the stay is a huge waste of money and time.

If, on the other hand, once we arrive we already have a precise project, the addresses, and the contacts of the local agents (tour guides, organisers of excursions and activities, car rentals, nightclubs, events, etc.), we will already have an agenda of commitments aligned with our passions, our hobbies, and the real reason why we arrived in a place so far from home.

Once we have chosen the destination of our trip, the most important thing to do is to look for information on the activities that can be carried out, looking for those

  • aligned with our passions and hobbies
  • scheduled (or can be scheduled) during the days of our stay
  • within our travel budget (and possibly adjust the other budget items downwards to leave resources for activities to be carried out during the trip)
  • unique: that can only be carried out in the place chosen for our trip

In this way, you will have all the time to organise the time you will spend at the chosen destination for your travel experience and you will have a precise idea of how to plan activities during your trip.

You need to sit at the PC and search for information on activities you love (or would like to try) that can be practised in the place chosen for your travel experience.

Short of ideas? Here are some suggestions:

  • Museums and Monuments
  • Gastronomy, Street Food, Wine Bars.
  • Sports (practice your favourite sport in a new location and with new people)
  • Excursions (explore nature by trekking, hiking, and open-air activities)
  • Trips (by boat, bus, or on foot) explore the territory you have chosen to visit
  • Entertainment (theme parks, nightclubs, nightlife)
  • Events (shows, concerts, cultural events)
  • Meetings (friends, colleagues, people who share a lifestyle, members of a community)

How to Plan Activities During Your Trip: The Execution Phase

Once found, you need to contact the organisers and make arrangements to carry out the activities on the day and at the time established.

Prepare a program that includes all the days of your stay at your destination and insert the activities into the program as you make arrangements with the local agents.

Consider the necessary time to carry out the activities you have chosen and be careful to calculate well the time needed:

  • to reach the place where you will carry out the chosen activity
  • to live the travel experience
  • to recover from the fatigue, return to the hotel to change or rest
  • to be ready and reach the place where you will carry out the next travel experience

Organise your days so that you can live all the activities in the best way and not waste even a moment of the time you will spend on holiday.

Make sure you have enough budget available to carry out the activities you have chosen: it often happens to establish a program but not have enough information (on costs) and have to give up activities due to lack of budget. It’s a real pity to arrive in such distant places (bearing the travel and accommodation expenses) and then be forced to give up activities due to lack of budget.

Pay attention to how to plan activities during your trip because the experiences you live away from home will be the most beautiful memories and are the real reason why you decided to leave.

Leaving for a trip with a program of activities to carry out (even if not defined and with wide margins of flexibility in the times to set the experiences) is a considerable advantage both in terms of time management during the holiday and in terms of savings. Knowing the local agents (having chosen them among the many competitors) and having already agreed on the costs of the experiences before arriving at a travel destination puts you in an advantageous position. It protects from decisions made impulsively or because you cannot find (or do not know) the possible alternatives.

Carrying out research in advance is a winning strategy that allows you to plan magnificent holidays while saving significantly on the total cost of the trip. Moreover, the research phase is already part of the trip and can be pleasant and fun. In this post on the Blog asfarasyoucan by Martina Benedetto, you will find suggestions and other ideas on how to plan activities during your trip.


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