Covid restrictions: where can you travel?

Covid restrictions: where can you travel?

“Covid restrictions” is the most used search key on Google and on all search engines by tourists and travelers.
After many months of restrictions and bans, finally, some states have eliminated the Covid restrictions that prevented travel for tourism.

The news that gives us hope today (21 September 2021) is that the largest country in the world (U.S.A.) has finally eliminated Covid restrictions on tourism travel and it will be possible to enter the country by showing a certificate of vaccination and tempone with negative results.

Excellent news that encourages optimism and rekindles the hope of a return to normalcy.
All travel enthusiasts hope to soon return to a reality where travel between nations and continents will once again be free from all Covid restrictions.

Waiting to find peace of mind in a world where we will once again be free to travel in all countries, we must consult the laws, regulations and regulations in force in the country from which we depart and in the country we wish to reach.

Covid restrictions: how and where to find information on the regulations in force?

Every country in the world has been affected by the pandemic and since 2020 tourism travel is banned in many countries.

For a long time even air connections (and by all means) have been suspended and for some terrible months many nations in the world have self-isolated themselves, preventing arrivals and departures.

Travel for tourism was banned and in many cases it was only possible to cross customs for "work", "study" or "health" trips.

Now the U.S.A. have eliminated the Covid restrictions we can hope that many other nations will adopt the same measure and that we can return to normal as soon as possible.

But how to know if it is possible to travel to the chosen destination?
How can you be sure you have certain news about the Covid restrictions in force?

Social Networks are invaded by conversations in which travelers exchange news but, as often happens, conflicting information is found which too often turns out to be incorrect and unreliable.

Let's see what are the reliable sources in which to find the information necessary to undertake trips avoiding mishaps or, in the worst case, the possibility of being blocked at customs and having to give up the trip.

restrizioni covid

Covid restrictions: the sites to consult starting from Italy

Ministry of Health

The first website that I recommend you to consult starting from Italy is that of Ministry of Health where you can easily find the lists of countries (A, B, C, D, E) with the related Covid prescriptions in force.

From the very first moment, to face the pandemic, countries were put on lists based on the spread of the virus on their territory and the possibilities of becoming infected by traveling in their territories based on the rate of infection and the number of infected.

Lists are still used to distinguish countries based on the conditions of spread of the virus in their territories and to regulate inbound and outbound travel

Let's see what are the Covid restrictions for traveling to the countries on the lists:

  • Group A (Vatican City and Republic of San Marino) there are no Covid restrictions, not even the display of the Passenger Locator Form.
  • Group B: Countries where it is possible to move without any reason also for tourism.
  • Group C: Countries where it is possible to travel (also for tourism) as long as you have not been (in the previous 14 days) to countries of Group D or E.
  • Group D: even just "transit" in one of the countries on this list obliges the traveler to fulfill a series of obligations, the most important of which are:
    - Presentation of the  Passenger Locator Form
    - Molecular or Antigenic Swab in the 72 hours prior to arrival at customs
    - Presentation of the Vaccination Certificate
    In the event of failure to submit the required documentation, a five-day fiduciary quarantine is envisaged.
    I advise you to read carefully the details of the Covid prescriptions in force on the website of the Ministry of Health.
  • Group E: In these countries it is not possible to travel for tourism. When entering or leaving Italy, it is necessary to motivate the trip and prove that it is motivated by one of the reasons for which travel is allowed: Work, Health, Study.
    I advise you to read carefully the details of the Covid prescriptions in force on the website of the Ministry of Health.
  • Special Covid restrictions are in place for some countries not on the lists: Japan, Canada, Brazil, India, Bagladesh, Sri Lanka.
    I advise you to read carefully the details of the Covid prescriptions in force on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Exist Covid Tested Airline Flights which are regulated with specific regulations that I suggest you evaluate according to your particular needs.

Viaggiare Sicuri

Immediately after the site of the Ministry of Health the site Viaggiare Sicuri is what I recommend you consult before traveling.
This site also reports accurate and reliable information on the Covid restrictions in force.
Consulting it before traveling is extremely important.

You will find all the updates on the measures taken by the Italian government regarding the Covid restrictions in force.
Among the first available information you will find the link to download the Immune App which, despite its failure, is still a device considered “essential” for travelers.
Immediately after, the site recommends traveling in possession of the "Green Pass”Which, even if not recognized by all the states of the world, is useful for travel within the borders of the European Union.
On the page dedicated to the "Green Pass" you will also find a very useful website with all the references to laws and decrees in force.

The “Viaggiare Sicuri” site also indicates the lists of countries in groups A, B, C, D, E with the relative specific provisions for each list.

restrizioni Covid

Touring Club Italia

The Touring Club Italia website recently published an article entitled: "Coronavirus and travel: where Italians can't go" which I recommend you consult because it contains a very useful list of all European countries and many non-European countries with the detail (state by state) of the Covid restrictions in force (incoming and outgoing) and with very useful references to the government sites of all the states.
It is really very useful: just search the list for the country you want to travel to to find immediately described the Covid restrictions in force and references to the institutional websites of the governments that issued them.
The description of the Covid restrictions and the ways in which they must be carried out is well done and detailed and the presence of institutional links offers you the opportunity to check and contact the relevant bodies in case of need.


The most popular site among more experienced travelers (which I told you about in my post dedicated to how to buy plane tickets) and always looking for new goals to reach has added one very useful page entirely dedicated to the Covid restrictions in force.

Using the Skyscanner site is simple and intuitive and it is the best I recommend you to consult if you want to quickly find information on the Covid restrictions in force in the country you have chosen as your travel destination.

You can choose the country to depart from and the one to arrive in.
You will immediately see four different lists (Low, Moderate, High and Unknown Restrictions) which are the Covid restrictions in force in over 160 countries (those in which it is possible to fly with airlines).

In addition, the function that allows you to choose the country of departure as well as the one of arrival allows you to have access to information relating to all countries in the world!

Therefore, in addition to information relating to journeys departing from Italy to other 160 countries, information is also available (and related Covid restrictions in force) for departures from any of the countries listed to all the others.

Basically you have access to a database with information on all Covid restrictions in force in the world!


If instead of traveling by plane you will use other means, I recommend that you consult the site in which you will find detailed guides on the Covid restrictions in force for travelers arriving and departing by ship, train, bus or by own means.


Also Vueling has added a function similar to that of Skyscanner with the ability to enter any country of departure and arrival and to immediately view the Covid restrictions in force.

Airlines and Google sites

Almost all airline sites have followed Skyscanner's example and offer the ability to view the covid restrictions in place between the countries connected by their flights.

EasyJet for example, it offers the possibility of viewing the search by refining the search and declaring to be “fully vaccinated” and therefore only viewing the Covid restrictions in force for those who have already received the vaccine.
Compared to the Skyscanner site, it offers the visualization of countries by colors and makes a more immediate idea of the situation. To find detailed information, click several times but the site is still useful and easy to use.


Simply searching for information related to the trip you want to take can sometimes be enough to find everything you need.
For example, Norway has published a very useful guide for all tourists who intend to visit the country: it's in Italian, easy to use and very useful!

Covid restrictions: conclusions

The situation of Covid restrictions around the world is constantly changing and we will have to live with it for a long time.
We must learn to find the information and be ready for any requirements necessary at departure and to complete the trip safely.
All countries, airlines and tour operators are already committed to making the information necessary for traveling immediate, correct, available and useful.

As we have become accustomed to anti-terrorism measures after the attack of 11 September 2001, we will get used to those necessary to contain the contagion.

We will return to travel as and better than before!

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