How to travel sharing the expenses

How to travel sharing the expenses

This Blog is dedicated to enterprising travelers.

We like to organize and plan trips and holidays avoiding any form of intermediation.
The posts collected in the “How to Travel by Sharing Expenses” category are dedicated to travelers who choose to share travel and holidays with relatives, friends and strangers (to become great friends)!

Choosing to organize a trip independently is in itself a courageous decision that denotes an enterprising character.

Deciding to share a travel experience is a choice to be carefully considered.
There are travelers who have made it a philosophy of life and people who do it only out of necessity (to save money) while others have made it a life choice.
In all cases, sharing can bring enormous benefits:

  • new friends
  • savings on expenses
  • greater resources (financial but also support when helping each other)

but also many problems

  • disputes due to unfulfilled agreements
  • less freedom in planning your travel program
  • the possibility of not becoming friends or arguing with fellow travelers
Come Viaggiare condividendo le Spese

More and more travelers are looking for information on how to travel by sharing expenses. Because?

The reasons are mainly two:

  1. A rational choice that follows the adoption of a philosophy of life.
  2. Save on costs.
A rational choice

Travelers who decide to test themselves and travel together with relatives, friends or strangers do so mainly because they adopt a philosophy that interprets the “journey” as a manifestation of universal sharing and brotherhood.

They are special people who can see the bright side in all individuals and in every situation.
Scelgono di viaggiare insieme ad altri perché sentono la condivisione con altre persone della loro esperienza di viaggio come un modo per arricchire il viaggio e la loro vita.

Come Viaggiare condividendo le Spese
Save on costs

Unity is strength; even when traveling!
Traveling in a group is certainly the most interesting expedient to save and finding a way to understand how to travel by sharing the expenses is a sure way to amortize costs.

Also in this case, sharing is the common element but the motivation changes.
When savings are the main goal, precautions and doubts must double. Misunderstandings and bullying are very common and it is easy to ruin the holiday.
Here are the main costs that you can save on by sharing travel expenses:

  • accommodations
    if you choose overnight accommodation in apartments or villas, the total cost can be divided. Collected in the category of our Blog "How to Find Shared Accommodation”You will find articles explaining which are the best techniques to use.
  • rentals
    renting a car alone or in two people is much more expensive than renting one for five passengers just think of apps like Bla Bla Car or Uber (which even allows you to make money by driving your car).
  • touristic guides
    most tourist guides are paid at a fixed rate of one to ten people
  • discounts can be obtained for groups

    Whatever the reason that drives you to want to organize a trip by sharing the expenses in the category "How to find travel companions" you will find tips and ideas on the best strategies to use to succeed in your business.