How to travel by sharing transport

Traveling by sharing transport is certainly one of the most effective strategies to save on travel expenses.
However, sharing means of transport also offers you two other great opportunities:

  • contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the earth's atmosphere
  • have the opportunity to socialize and make new friends

Sharing expenses is always a great way to save.
There are many aspects to take into consideration and, too often, the opportunity to save on travel expenses it tends to make us underestimate the possible consequences that arise from not having considered everything that could ruin the trip.

Traveling by sharing transport may seem like a great way to save on travel expenses.
But have you considered and evaluated all the aspects involved in a choice like this?

Traveling by car to share expenses

Car Pooling it means sharing a car by dividing the cost of fuel and planning the trip online, usually for short distances using the car in a group.

A journey by car is almost always a short journey in which the distances to be covered are in the order of hundreds or at most thousands of kilometers.
Tackling a car trip with friends or strangers is a decision to be evaluated very carefully: living together in a confined space such as the passenger compartment of a car can put a strain on even established friendships.
Consider this before you agree to leave by car for a long journey.

Traveling by sharing transport in a private car

Traveling by sharing transport in a private car implies having accepted an agreement on how to share the costs (fuel and possible wear and tear of the car) and who will drive and how any unexpected costs will be shared:

  • Machine breakdowns
  • Damage resulting from accidents
  • Any fines for not respecting the Highway Code

Don't underestimate any of these aspects and make very specific arrangements with your travel companions especially if they are not your friends!
Carefully evaluate the personality and driving skills of the participants.
If accidents happen as well as the ruined holiday you have to worry about your safety!

Another thing you need to evaluate before leaving is the reliability of the car.
Is it a new car?
Was the maintenance carried out correctly?
Does the car comply with the provisions of the highway code?

How to organize a private car trip sharing the expenses?

First of all you should try to leave with friends, people you know well and have a great relationship with. Traveling sharing transport is always a great idea if you are traveling with your friends!

If, on the other hand, you decide to leave with strangers (because it is easier to find travelers who go to your destination) you have two options:

The first is to repeat the steps I suggested in my guide "How to find travel companions" , specify that the trip you are proposing is a shared car trip and start a long and elaborate search in the web communities.

The second is to use specialized sites that are proposed as a tool to find car rides or to plan to travel by sharing transport.

The first one I tell you about is the most famous and known: BlaBlaCar using the options available on the portal, it is possible to request or offer car rides to any destination.

In addition to this which is the most famous and used, I want to tell you about other sites, less known but very interesting because they deal with travel in a more specific way:

viaggiare condividendo i trasporti
  • Uber this platform has made so much talk about itself that it needs no introduction: you can offer you (as a driver) and your car to go anywhere.
  • YouTrip this site allows you to offer and request car rides in exchange for "friendship", contribution to expenses or small items!
  • Roadsharing using this App you can offer and request rides in Europe, Africa and Asia!
  • Compatir also on this site it is possible to enter the place of departure and arrival and ask the community to respond to your request.
  • sharenow in this case the cars are already on the road (in the cities reached by the service which in Italy are: Milan, Rome and Turin and using the app you can take the car and use it for an hour or a week.
  • autostradecarpooling this service is managed directly by the Italian motorways. When you have to travel the motorways by car it is possible to meet and make arrangements to travel by car pooling.

Traveling sharing Transport: gathering in Groups

One way to travel by sharing transport is to join groups.
In this case there are two possibilities to put into practice:

  • Gather as a group to get discounts from transport companies (ships, trains and planes)
  • Reach a sufficient number and hire a bus / minibus with driver

Almost all passenger transport companies by ship, plane and train have preferential fares for groups which are usually considered as starting from ten or fifteen people.

To obtain the discounts, it is sufficient to be a group of people who make the same trip all together.
You can act in several ways:

  • Take on the role of Tour Leader and try to involve as many people as possible in the travel program you have prepared (and this is one of the features you will find in the new digital platform we are developing) and then contact the carrier you have chosen and request the group discount.
  • Look for group trips organized by others (putting into practice the strategies I described in "How to find travel companions"
  • Gather a sufficient number of participants and rent a bus (from 50 to 100 seats) or a minibus (from 11 to 25 seats) and divide the cost among all the participants. On the Bla Bla car website it is also possible to rent these vehicles with driver.

Traveling sharing transport