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pianificare un viaggio

Plan a Trip

Planning a trip before the arrival of the internet was not at all easy. Travel Agencies were the only ones to be in contact with Tour Operators and Local Agents.
When they started planning a trip, they started an intense exchange of phone calls and faxes.
Only travel agents were able to book travel tickets, overnight stays and services in faraway countries.

With the arrival of the internet, things have greatly simplified and e-mail has replaced much of the enormous exchange of information needed.

Today we can buy an intercontinental air ticket with our smartphone and go to the airport without even printing the tickets on paper.

The role of travel agencies and all the professionals involved in the "supply chain" is less and less decisive and many organize trips and holidays independently, avoiding any form of intermediation.

But what are the critical points in planning and organizing a trip?

What are the precautions to be taken to leave safely and avoid unpleasant inconveniences?
When can we really do without professionals in organizing a trip?

The role of the Travel Agency and its importance.

Thanks to the tools available to everyone, planning a trip is relatively simple. Buying tickets, booking a hotel and planning an itinerary are operations within the reach of anyone with good online navigation skills and mastery of payment methods.

But organizing a trip independently involves the assumption of a number of risks:

  • canceled flights and related refund procedures
  • missing hotel reservation and not in accordance with expectations
  • unexpected additional costs
  • customs problems (passport, vaccinations, specific regulations, freight transport in luggage)
  • lack of support in the travel destination (tourist guides, restaurants, activities to be carried out during the stay)
  • any health problems during the trip (medical visits, hospitalization and assisted return to residence)
  • legal or bureaucratic problems with foreign administrations or private individuals (road accident, domestic accident, dispute between individuals)

all these issues are a problem of the travel agency if you purchased the trip / vacation from a professional; otherwise they will be yours.

Pianificare un viaggio

Plan a trip on your own

However, if you have arrived at this site you are an enterprising traveler and you are well aware of the risks involved in organizing a trip independently. Are you ready to start?

Let's see what are the main factors to consider when planning a trip on your own:

In the Blog you will find many posts that suggest techniques and best practices to better organize your trips but, just like people, every trip is different and every organizer will have different priorities:

  • luxury hotels vs overnight stays in tents
  • food and wine tour vs cultural tour with "street food" meals
  • adventure travel vs relaxation travel

these are just a few examples that will make you understand that each organizer will have different priorities and that there is no single methodology in creating and planning a trip.

On this site, however, you will find a lot of information that will be useful regardless of your priorities.

Useful tools

I have already said that the big difference with the past is the presence of the internet, social networks and the entire digital ecosystem that has actually made the world smaller.

The advantage that Travel Agencies had over all those who wanted to leave for a trip has been eliminated and the valuable information that made the difference is now available on the internet.

Therefore it is essential to have good surfing skills on the net to be able to make the most of the enormous potential that the internet offers us.

In this regard, I suggest you read an article written by Salvatore Aranzulla in what is currently the most reliable technology / IT information blog in Italy. In this article: App to organize tripthe characteristics of the main App in circulation are illustrated, useful in the organization and planning of trips and holidays.

In the blog, in the section "How to travel using the web"you will find articles dedicated to each of these Apps and many other tips on how to take advantage of the features available to everyone to organize the ideal holiday.

Plan a trip using Google

Each traveler is different from the other. So each trip will be planned according to the different priorities, the different purpose and the spirit with which each of us leaves home to discover and learn about the diversity of the world.

For some, the authenticity and identity of the trip will be important, while for others relaxation and comfort.

I recommend reading "What tools to use to plan a travel itinerary?”Of the Raf Blog around

In this article you will find lots of useful tips on how to plan a trip in the best way and avoiding all possible unexpected events.

Another reading that I recommend is "How to organize a trip: complete guide in 18 steps"Published by

Also in this article you will find many tips on everything you need to better organize your trip.

This is just one example of the incredible amount of information that can be easily found online simply by searching on Google: "Plan a trip".

This Blog is enriched every day with new articles and travel stories. Use the "Search" function to find the answers you need.

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