Travelling on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

This blog is dedicated to adventurous travellers.

We enjoy organising and planning trips and holidays while avoiding any form of intermediaries. The posts collected under the category “Travelling on a Budget” are dedicated to travellers who choose to share trips and holidays with relatives, friends, and strangers (who may become great friends later)!

Choosing to organise a trip independently is inherently a courageous decision that demonstrates an enterprising character.

Deciding to share a travel experience is a choice to be carefully evaluated. There are travellers who have made it a life philosophy, others do it out of necessity (to save money), while some have made it a lifestyle choice. In all cases, sharing can bring enormous benefits:

  • Making new friends
  • Saving money on expenses
  • Having more resources (financially and in terms of support when helping each other out)

But there are also many challenges:

  • Disputes due to unmet agreements
  • Less freedom in planning the travel itinerary
  • The possibility of not becoming friends or even quarrelling with travel companions

More and more travellers are seeking guidance on how to travel on a budget. Why?

The reasons are mainly two:

  1. A rational choice following the adoption of a life philosophy.
  2. Saving money.

A rational choice

Travellers who decide to challenge themselves and travel with relatives, friends, or strangers do so mainly because they adopt a philosophy that interprets “travel” as a manifestation of sharing and universal brotherhood.

They are special people who can see the positive side in all individuals and in every situation. They choose to travel with others because they feel that sharing their travel experience with other people is a way to enrich the journey and their lives.

Saving money

Unity is strength; even when travelling! Travelling in a group is definitely the most interesting way to save money, and finding ways to understand how to travel while sharing expenses is a sure method to offset costs.

In this case, sharing is still the common element but the motivation changes. When the main goal is saving money, precautions and doubts need to be doubled. Misunderstandings and assertiveness are very common, and it’s easy to ruin the holiday. Here are the main costs on which you can save by sharing travel expenses:

  • Accommodation: If you choose overnight accommodations in apartments or villas, the total cost can be divided. In the “Finding Shared Accommodations” category of our blog, you’ll find articles explaining the best techniques to use.
  • Rentals: Renting a car alone or as a couple is much more expensive than renting one for five passengers. Consider apps like BlaBlaCar or Uber (which even allows you to earn money by driving your car).
  • Tour guides: Most tour guides charge a fixed fee for groups of one to ten people. Discounts can be obtained for groups.

Whatever motivates you to want to organise a trip while sharing expenses, in the “Finding Travel Companions” category, you’ll find suggestions and ideas on the best strategies to use to succeed in your endeavour.

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