How to Find Shared Accommodations Using the Web

The internet offers you numerous tools (often for free) to learn how to find shared accommodations for your holidays and travels.

Before I start listing the tools that might be useful to you, I want to make a premise:

Holidays in Shared Accommodations

Seeking all possible ways to save on holiday expenses is certainly a smart way to multiply the possibilities of making trips and extending holidays.

However, keep in mind that, in addition to the opportunity to travel and discover new countries and cultures, holidays serve to relax and rest.

Shared Accommodations: The Downsides

Carefully consider the possibility of sharing accommodations during your holiday because you might encounter unexpected or underestimated problems:

  • living with strangers is not always a positive experience, and your holiday could be ruined by people you don’t get along with
  • you will have to adapt to sharing spaces (like the bathroom and kitchen) with people you don’t know and who may have very different needs and habits from yours
  • once you have planned the trip and made arrangements, you won’t be able to change your mind

Shared Accommodations: The Advantages

  • significant savings on accommodation expenses
  • the opportunity to meet new people and exchange experiences and advice, and perhaps become friends
  • accommodation expenses planned before departure and ease of drafting the travel budget
  • living with other travellers could be fun and enjoyable
come trovare alloggi condivisi

How to Find Shared Accommodations

To start your search, you have two options:

  • initiate a search in traveller communities experienced in your travel destination (Facebook Groups, Forums, Blogs)
  • initiate a search using aggregator sites or those offering a sharing service for accommodations

Searching for Shared Accommodations in Communities

If you’ve chosen this option, you are a person accustomed to navigating the web and with a good ability to engage in friendly relations using Social Networks.

The strategy to use is very simple: search for communities (Facebook Groups) and websites that gather information and discussions regarding the travel destination you have chosen.

Often, accommodation opportunities are easily found both as a spontaneous offer from other travellers and as ads published by professionals.

The ideal is to find contact with other people looking for accommodation in the same place and agree to share the costs. You need to be enterprising and have good relational skills. Another factor to consider is your adaptability: you will have to live with strangers with whom to share expenses and spaces.

Searching for Shared Accommodations on Specialised Sites

There are many sites specialised in finding shared accommodations. Most of these were created to support university students living away from home. The need of the students was indeed what initiated this form of saving on accommodations.

Later, tourists also began using this method to save on expenses.

You must, therefore, distinguish between sites dedicated to students (which prefer long-term ads and generally reject tourists) and those that offer the opportunity to share accommodation expenses even to passing tourists.

Among these, the most important and well-known are:

  • Kijiji, which hosts ads on every merchandise category but has a section dedicated to shared rentals
  • Idealista, which also has a “Search for Flatmates” section
  • Airbnb

The latter is the most known and most useful. If you’re looking for how to find shared accommodations, Airbnb is the most suitable site. The site hosts ads from homeowners (“hosts”) who rent out entire homes or just some rooms to tourists. Here you can find a wide choice of accommodations, and to share the expenses, all you have to do is find other tourists willing to stay with you.


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