How to Find Travel Companions

Finding Travel Companions: A Great Trick for Saving on Total Travel and Holiday Costs The main expenses to tackle during a trip are travel tickets and accommodation/lodging costs. Traveling with a group of people willing to share services and travel expenses is an extremely powerful tool for significantly reducing the costs of your holiday. What precautions should you take before starting to find travel companions? First, we must be sure we understand (and make clear to our travel companions) the terms of the agreement to share travel expenses. Too many holidays are ruined because things were not made clear enough before leaving. Cost distribution is the first thing that comes to mind but is also the easiest to establish and clarify: equally and proportionally. However, the hardest part (often taken for granted) is the terms in which participants can use the services:

  • the arrangement in hotel rooms or apartments (it’s better to establish the distribution of rooms and beds before departing)
  • use of common spaces (hours to respect, turns, cleaning)
  • agreements and boarding arrangements on transports (airport check-in, boarding the ship, seats to occupy on the plane, train, bus, or car)
  • use of common goods (rental car, extra services provided by hotels)
  • travel program: departures, arrivals, returns, itinerary: traveling together means all participants must commit to arriving on time for departures and respecting the agreed itinerary
  • activities to be carried out during the holiday (do you always stay as a group, or once arrived, does everyone manage their own time independently?)
  • common fund (is it necessary to create one? for what expenses? of what amount?)
  • management of emergencies (early returns, illnesses, thefts)

Each of these factors could be a cause of dispute during the holiday that could continue and have consequences (even legal) during or after the holiday/trip. All these factors must be discussed and clarified before departure and represent very specific agreements that all participants commit to respect.

trovare compagni di viaggio

What’s the best way to find travel companions willing to share expenses? The temptation to significantly save on travel expenses could push you to underestimate the criteria to follow in choosing your travel companions. Do not make this mistake and carefully consider all the points I listed in the previous paragraph. Consequently, the best possible choice is to leave with true friends. People you have known for a long time, with whom you have a good friendship and mutual esteem. In this way, the chances of arguments and misunderstandings will be minimized. However, if you need to find travel companions using channels outside your friendships, Social Networks will, once again, be a very valid tool. How to Find Travel Companions Using Social Networks

  • Search and join Facebook Groups where people interested in your travel destination gather.
  • Post your request and ask the community for information. Invite group members to leave with you or join trips organised by others.

One of the most active groups in Italy is Cercasi Compagni di Viaggio, where tourists in the travel planning phase publish their itinerary specifically to find travel companions to share expenses (as well as the adventure of the trip). Other Italian groups I recommend are:

where you can post a request for members to join your trip to share expenses (and the experience). These are just some examples of Italian Groups, but you can easily find other groups, maybe dedicated to your travel destination or the type of trip you want to organise and for which you are committed to finding travel companions. There are groups dedicated to specific types of trips that bring together enthusiasts of a particular way of traveling. For example, if you are passionate about motorcycle trips, you could post your request in groups like Moto Viaggi e Amici or World Adventure Riders, where you’ll find a community of people certainly interested in your motorcycle trip proposal. Searching on Facebook, it won’t take long to find the right group for your trip and the right community where to look for tourists willing to leave with you to share travel expenses. If you are a true global traveller and are interested in traveling around the world, then you will also need to look in non-Italian communities (Groups). Among these, the first I recommend is Looking for a Travel Buddy, one of the largest global communities of people committed to finding travel companions in all countries of the world! Other international groups to search in are:

Obviously, you must be a person inclined towards socialisation and public relations (you can be shy even online) and present yourself in the best possible way in your digital personality. The first thing your potential travel companions will do is check your profile and Google to see who you are. So, if you want to have any chance of winning the community’s consideration, you must take care of your online presence and, at a minimum, try to have a clear and informative Facebook profile (with photos!). Ideally, you should also have:

  • a website/blog that talks about your travels
  • well-curated profiles on all social networks
  • contact information (email, social media, and phone number)

How to Find Travel Companions Using Specialised Sites Another possibility you can exploit to find travel companions is to use specialised websites. Francesca di Pietro mentions in her post titled “9 Sites for Making Friends on the Road” some of the main web portals that can be useful for finding travel companions:

  • Couchsurfing: On this site, you can register and create your profile to share your travels and try to find travel companions.
  • GlobeTrooper: On this platform, you can design your travel itinerary and then propose it to the community.
  • WithLocals: This platform was created to find contacts with people living in the country you intend to visit but could also be useful for finding travel companions to share part of your itinerary.
  • Meetup: The main function of this site is to aggregate people based on interests and activities that can be proposed. It is a meeting platform, but you can also propose a trip and try to find travel companions.
  • Trip To Share: This is an app that allows you to find people to share trips with. However, the focus is more on the people rather than the trips.
  • Garden Sharing: This site offers you the chance to camp for free. Love camping?
  • BtrFly: This app is designed to help you find travel companions directly at the airport. After the last-minute search for the cheapest flight, now there’s the search for a travel companion. Is it prudent?



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