Traveling by Sharing Transportation: Saving Costs Effectively Traveling by sharing transport is definitely one of the most effective strategies to save on travel expenses. However, sharing means of transport also offers you two other great opportunities:

  • contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere
  • having the opportunity to socialize and make new friends

Sharing expenses is always a great way to save. There are many aspects to consider, and too often, the chance to save on travel expenses leads us to underestimate the possible consequences that come from not considering everything that could ruin the trip. Traveling by sharing transport might seem like a great idea to save on travel expenses. But have you considered and evaluated all the aspects that such a choice entails? Traveling by Car to Share Expenses Carpooling means sharing a car by dividing the fuel expense and planning the trip online, usually for short distances using the car in a group. A car journey is almost always a short trip where the distances to be covered are in the order of hundreds or at most thousands of kilometers. Undertaking a car journey with friends or unknown people is a decision that should be carefully evaluated: living together in a confined space like a car’s cabin can strain even established friendships. Evaluate this aspect well before agreeing to go on a long car journey.

Traveling by Sharing Private Car Transport Traveling by sharing transport in a private car involves having accepted an agreement on how to divide expenses (fuel and possible wear and tear on the car) and on who will drive and how any unforeseen costs will be divided:

  • Car breakdowns
  • Damages resulting from accidents
  • Possible fines for not respecting the Road Code

Do not underestimate any of these aspects and make very precise arrangements with your travel companions, especially if they are not your friends! Carefully evaluate the personality and driving skills of the participants. If accidents were to occur, in addition to a ruined holiday, you must worry about your safety! Another thing you need to evaluate before leaving is the car’s reliability. Is it a new car? Has maintenance been performed correctly? Is the car in compliance with the road traffic regulations?

How to Organize a Car Trip Sharing Expenses? First of all, you should try to leave with friends, people you know well and with whom you have an excellent relationship. Traveling by sharing transportation is always a great idea if you travel with your friends! If you decide to leave with strangers (because it’s easier to find travelers going to your destination), you have two options: The first is to repeat the steps I suggested in my guide “How to Find Travel Companions“, specify that the trip you are proposing is a shared car trip, and start a long and elaborate search in the web communities. The second is to use specialized sites that offer themselves as a tool to find car rides or to plan to travel by sharing transportation. The first one I’ll talk about is the most famous and well-known: BlaBlaCar. Using the options available on the portal, it’s possible to request or offer car rides to any destination. In addition to the most famous and used one, I want to tell you about other sites, less known but very interesting because they deal with trips more specifically:

  • Uber: This platform has made so much noise it needs no introduction: you can offer yourself (as a driver) and your car to go anywhere.
  • YouTrip: This site allows you to offer and request car rides in exchange for “friendship,” expense contribution, or small objects!
  • Roadsharing: Using this app, it’s possible to offer and request rides in Europe, Africa, and Asia!
  • Compatir: On this site, you can enter the departure and arrival location and ask the community to respond to your request.
  • Sharenow: In this case, the cars are already on the road (in cities reached by the service which in Italy are Milan, Rome, and Turin) and using the app, you can take the car and use it for an hour or a week.
  • Autostradecarpooling: This service is managed directly by Italian highways. When you have to travel the highways by car, it’s possible to meet and make arrangements to travel in carpooling.
viaggiare condividendo i trasporti

Traveling by Sharing Transport: Forming Groups One way to travel by sharing transportation is to join groups. In this case, there are two possibilities to implement:

  • Forming a group to obtain discounts from transport companies (ships, trains, and planes)
  • Reaching a sufficient number and renting a bus/minibus with a driver

Almost all passenger transport companies by ship, plane, and train have privileged rates for groups, usually considered from ten or fifteen people. To obtain discounts, it is enough to be in a group of people making the same trip together. You can act in different ways:

  • Take on the role of Tour Leader and try to involve as many people as possible in the travel program you have prepared (and this is one of the functionalities you will find in the new digital platform we are developing) and then contact the carrier you have chosen and request a group discount.
  • Look for Group trips organized by others (implementing the strategies I described in “How to Find Travel Companions“)
  • Gather a sufficient number of participants and rent a Bus (from 50 to 100 seats) or a Minibus (from 11 to 25 seats) and divide the cost among all participants. On the Bla Bla Car website, it’s also possible to rent these vehicles with a driver.

Viaggiare condividendo i Trasporti: riunirsi in Gruppi

Un modo per viaggiare condividendo i trasporti è quello di aggregarsi in gruppi. In questo caso ci sono due possibilità da mettere in pratica:

  • Riunirsi in gruppo per ottenere sconti dalle compagnie di trasporti (navi, treni e aerei)
  • Raggiungere un numero sufficiente e noleggiare un bus/minibus con autista

Quasi tutte le compagnie di trasporto passeggeri in nave, aereo e treno hanno delle tariffe privilegiate per i gruppi che di solito vengono considerati a partire dalle dieci o quindici persone. Per ottenere gli sconti quindi è sufficiente essere un un gruppo di persone che fanno lo stesso viaggio tutte insieme. Puoi agire in diversi modi:

  • Assumere il ruolo di Tour Leader e cercare di coinvolgere il maggior numero di persone possibile nel programma di viaggio che hai preparato (e questa è una delle funzionalità che troverai nella nuova piattaforma digitale che stiamo sviluppando) e poi contattare il vettore che hai scelto e richiedere lo sconto di gruppo.
  • Cercare viaggi di Gruppo organizzati da altri (mettendo in pratica le strategie che ho descritto in “Come trovare compagni di viaggio”
  • Riunire un numero sufficiente di partecipanti e noleggiare un Bus (da 50 a 100 posti) o un Minibus (da 11 a 25 posti) e suddividere il costo tra tutti i partecipanti. Sul sito di Bla Bla car è possibile anche noleggiare questi mezzi con autista.



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