Use Expedia to plan a trip.

Use Expedia to plan a trip.

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Using Expedia to plan a trip or vacation is definitely a great choice.

If you love to travel and you are also an enterprising person, you will certainly have come across the website of one of the giants of tourism in the world several times: Expedia.

With and a few others Expedia monopolizes the results in the Google SERPs and is always there when you use the search engine to search for information about your travels or holidays.

The development of the internet and the growing digitization of users have completely changed the scenario in the last 20 years and today we are all able to organize trips and holidays in total autonomy in every corner of the world!

Using Expedia is certainly one of the simplest, safest and most effective ways we have to carry out independently (and total freedom) the work that until recently was the exclusive prerogative of Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

Clear purchase conditions combined with the possibility of booking by choosing between the clauses of "free cancellation" or "pay later" or "pay on arrival" put any type of user at ease and in a position to plan and manage every detail of his trip.

Nothing easier!

Use Expedia to make travel arrangements

Let's start to see how the portal works and try to understand how to best use Expedia:

the different options on the site enable you to book or buy

  • a return flight
  • flight plus hotel
  • flight, hotel car rental and activities to be carried out once at your destination
  • a complete travel package
  • hotel (only)

in fact, once registered on the portal (and I advise you to do it immediately, I will explain why ...) you have the following search options available:

  • accommodations
  • flight
  • car
  • tour packages
  • Things to do
  • travel offers

like all online booking portals from the moment you are registered (and have signed the Privacy Policy) you are tracked; this is not bad at all, indeed, if you know how to exploit the algorithm to your advantage, you can use Expedia to buy your trips at very low prices. Let's see how:

Every time you do a search you are "telling" the algorithm that you intend to go on a trip. Think about it!
From that moment on, the algorithm knows

  • where would you like to go
  • by what means
  • what kind of trip do you want to do
  • what interests you
  • how much would you like to spend
  • the type of hotel you would like to stay in
  • the activities you would like to do once you arrive at your destination

all this information is collected and stored by Expedia and will be used to improve your user experience each time you return to the site.

Furthermore, the site offers you the possibility to further customize your search by applying filters that have a dual function:

  • they allow you to refine your search and view only the results aligned with your request. For example, only hotels that offer free cancellation or only direct (non-stop) flights to a specific destination.
  • allow the algorithm to further profile you. This is not a bad thing!
    On the contrary, it guarantees you a personalized "user experience" and, as we will see later, offers you a further possibility to "manipulate" the algorithm to your liking.

In this way, every time you carry out searches, the results will be more and more compliant with your standards and will tend to satisfy you more and more.

But remember that Expedia does not just want to make you "feel good" and entice you to come back often to visit the portal!
Expedia wants above all to sell you travel!

So, the more you use the site (always logging in!) The more your searches will be (and over time your purchases!), The more Expedia will recognize you and try to offer you what you are most likely to buy (or what you want to do believe the algorithm).

usare expedia
How to Use Expedia to Save: The Wish List

A very powerful tool that you have at your disposal as soon as you sign up with Expedia is the "Wish List":

Using the portal features you can select different travel options and compose customized packages. Once finished, if you don't want to buy or book right away, you have the option to save your trip or one of the selected options (hotel, flight, service) in your "Wish List".

In this way you are telling the Expedia algorithm that you are interested in that particular hotel, destination or flight.
By continuing to use the portal (and possibly by purchasing some services) your score will increase and your profile will always be better considered by the algorithm.
Result? Soon you will start receiving offers on the various options you have placed on your wish list!

Using Expedia to save: the other possible options

If you want to use Expedia to save you have to enter into the perspective of the real saver: when you go to the supermarket, you only buy the products on offer, postponing the purchase of other things until there are active promotions.

If you also want to save on travel, you must use the same method and be ready to leave for a destination when you find the right and indispensable offer.

But where to find deals on Expedia?

First of all, if you have used the "Wish List" well you should receive them by e-mail.
First of all, if you have used the "Wish List" well you should receive them by e-mail.

If, on the other hand, you want to actively look for them, here's how:
The first option available to you is clearly evident in the Menu at the top of the portal: Travel Offers.
Always remember to log in as soon as you log into Expedia.
Then just click the link to go directly to the page where you will be immediately offered complete packages (if you have made good use of the algorithm by making you profiled they will be in line with your wishes) that you can buy "turnkey" or, taking advantage of the free cancellation option, schedule well in advance of departure date.

The same site suggests that by planning your trips earlier you can save more.
So buying your summer vacation when you are still in winter guarantees you an affordable price.

Continue browsing the page of Expedia Travel Deals and you will find a series of links (which are periodically updated) with the best offers of the moment.

Don't forget to visit the links you find on this page!
Most of the time they refer to listings that tour operators have paid to be highlighted by Expedia and can represent unmissable and extremely affordable bargains!

Among all the links you will find pay close attention to this: Expedia Last Minute which gives you access to another search engine where you can enter your destination, departure and return date and number of participants. By clicking on "Search" you will have as a result all the promotions active at that moment on the chosen destination.

Another possible option is to use the link Wish list to draw inspiration from which proposes offers based on the preferences you have expressed by browsing the site or saving travel itineraries.

Finally, at the bottom of the page of Expedia Travel Deals you will find a series of very useful links to find convenient offers to seize on the fly. Don't forget to open these links if you really want to use Expedia to save on your travels:

How (not) to use Expedia to save: tips and tricks

Even Expedia's algorithm and booking system can be "tricked" by an unscrupulous tourist who has no qualms about operating within the limits of legality.
In How (not) to use Booking to save I described the practice of booking in numerous hotels (taking advantage of the free cancellation option) to lower the price of the offers and then book at a lower price by canceling previous reservations.
Even Expedia's algorithm can be fooled in this way and you can save a lot of money by doing this.

usare Expedia

Finally, I advise you to read How to choose a hotel to have all the information you need to organize and plan your travels, avoiding any form of intermediation and in total autonomy.

If you read this Blog you are an enterprising traveler and I want to invite you to live a unique experience.

We are forming one Community of Travelers who will exclusively test the functions of the new digital platform we have created to organize and plan trips and holidays in total autonomy and avoiding any form of intermediation.

"We believe that the free and spontaneous sharing of information is the key to making" travel "a habit achievable by everyone."

When you return from a trip you are in possession of valuable information: hotels, restaurants, tourist guides, the experiences you have lived!

These are information that you will never use again but which are indispensable for those who want to make a trip similar to yours.

If you have lived an unforgettable experience, you have brought home all the information necessary to replicate it!

So why not share them?
Why not leave the information you collected on site or during your experience to other travelers?
This way others can save time (and money) and experience travel experiences based on your stories.

We want to create a database of information available to everyone.
Take part in the project and you too can find the information you need to plan your next trip with the help of the community!

We are creating a digital platform where you can find (and exchange) all the information you need to plan and organize trips and holidays in total autonomy!

All this thanks to the "principle of sharing" and the solidarity between travelers who share information collected during their travel experiences.

If you want to participate in the final phase of the development of this new digital platform and become Beta Tester (free) by sending criticisms, suggestions and new ideas ...

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