Use Google Photos to tell your travels.

Use Google Photos to tell your travels.

Using Google photos to plan a travel itinerary is a great idea and can make the difference between an itinerary improvised by an amateur and one elaborated by a real professional.

Let's see how to use Google photos to its full potential to share a travel itinerary.

Use Google Photos to plan a travel itinerary

The first thing I must clarify is that Google Photos does not have features directly dedicated to the organization and planning of travel itineraries but that, by using the available options intelligently, it is possible to use the Google App for this purpose as well.

In fact, in, the new digital platform dedicated to the organization of travel and holidays in total autonomy that we have designed, we have gone far beyond the features offered by Google Photos and developed applications that will revolutionize the way you organize your travels.

The principle on which we have based ourselves, however, is the same that you must apply if you want to use Google photos to plan travel itineraries: The principle of sharing.

The principle of sharing

The whole project is based on this principle:

When you come back from a trip, you bring with you valuable information that you have collected from living your experience.
The accommodations where you stayed overnight, the restaurants, the street foods where you ate and the activities you did in the destinations you have reached.

These are the essential elements to organize a travel experience like a professional.
They represent the "competitive advantage" that until recently made intermediaries (Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and holiday "professionals" indispensable).

By methodically applying the "sharing principle" this information will be easily (free) available to anyone who is preparing to organize a trip. Everyone will be able to plan trips and holidays in total autonomy and without paying anything for services and consultancy.

The project puts at your disposal a tool designed to make you autonomous and efficient like a professional.

All the features I recommend you take advantage of if you decide to use Google photos to plan your trips are implemented and made more efficient in

How to use Google photos to plan your trips?

Google Photos makes 15 GB of space in the cloud available to all users who have a Google account. Free.

If you want to use this space in the memory at your disposal, all you have to do is access the Google app and start using it.

You can upload your photos using your PC but the real peculiarity of Google Photos is that you can connect your Google account directly to your phone and download all the photos on your smartphone directly to your Google cloud.

You can also create albums dedicated to your events or travels. This way you can create albums dedicated to your travels.

All the latest generation smartphones (and even digital cameras if equipped with special accessories) store the GPS coordinates of the places where the photographs are taken.

By viewing the photos on Google Photos it is possible (by clicking on the "Information" icon) to view the exact place where the photo was taken.

Clicking on the map automatically opens a link with Google Maps and the ability to use all the options available in this other Google App to complete the planning of your travel itinerary.

In addition, for each uploaded photo, you can add a description, the story of your trip or additional information to repeat your experience.

Finally, you can decide whether to share your album, your photos and the information you have collected with

  • all contacts in your phone book (if you have linked your smartphone phone book to your Google account.
  • contact groups created specifically for sharing your albums / trips
  • your social networks (Facebook or Twitter)
  • the people to whom you will send a special link created by Google Photos

At this point you will have realized that you cannot use Google photos directly to create a travel itinerary but you can use it to share the information you have collected during your travels and to ask your contacts to do the same thing.

In this way, the valuable information that until recently determined the competitive advantage capable of making intermediaries indispensable will be shared with your friends, with the community you belong to (Facebook group) or with your audience (your friends / followers) on social networks.

Everyone who sees your album will be able to trace the places where you took the photos and read the information you entered in the description.

Photo geolocation: the evolutionary leap made by

So far I have described how to use Google photos to share useful information to replicate your travel experiences.
Now let's see what awaits you in

I have included all the features present in Google Photos and Google Maps in this new project by inserting them in an innovative environment designed specifically to share information and help organize trips and holidays in total autonomy and avoiding any form of intermediation.

Following the "principle of sharing" I ask subscribers to share their "Travel Reports" and to take advantage of all the tools that (free) I make available to help other travelers plan their travel experiences independently.

The environment that I have developed is easy and intuitive to use and in exchange for sharing the information collected during your travels, it provides you with a huge amount of information regarding travel and holidays all over the world!

An exchange based on altruism and the desire to make travel arrangements easy and accessible to everyone without the need for "professionals" or intermediaries.

If you read this Blog you are an enterprising traveler and I want to invite you to live a unique experience.

We are forming one Community of Travelers who will exclusively test the functions of the new digital platform we have created to organize and plan trips and holidays in total autonomy and avoiding any form of intermediation.

"We believe that the free and spontaneous sharing of information is the key to making" travel "a habit achievable by everyone."

When you return from a trip you are in possession of valuable information: hotels, restaurants, tourist guides, the experiences you have lived!

These are information that you will never use again but which are indispensable for those who want to make a trip similar to yours.

If you have lived an unforgettable experience, you have brought home all the information necessary to replicate it!

So why not share them?
Why not leave the information you collected on site or during your experience to other travelers?
This way others can save time (and money) and experience travel experiences based on your stories.

We want to create a database of information available to everyone.
Take part in the project and you too can find the information you need to plan your next trip with the help of the community!

We are creating a digital platform where you can find (and exchange) all the information you need to plan and organize trips and holidays in total autonomy!

All this thanks to the "principle of sharing" and the solidarity between travelers who share information collected during their travel experiences.

If you want to participate in the final phase of the development of this new digital platform and become Beta Tester (free) by sending criticisms, suggestions and new ideas ...

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