Using AirHelp to Get Refunds

Using AirHelp to obtain refunds for canceled or delayed flight tickets is an excellent way to reclaim the money spent on airfare.

Flight Canceled or Delayed: Getting a Refund for Tickets

Airline tickets often represent the most expensive item among the costs of a trip or vacation. Buying tickets is very simple, and anyone can manage to get the best price online. However, I recommend reading my posts “Where to Buy Travel Tickets” and “Using Flights Hunter to Find the Most Convenient Flight” before making a purchase.

If you’ve already chosen Ryan Air for your flight, I suggest reading “How to Maximize Ryanair” before proceeding.

But what happens if your flight is canceled or significantly delayed? How do you get a refund if the missed flight ruins your trip?

Not everyone knows how to proceed. When the trip is purchased through a travel agency, it’s the professionals’ job to provide a refund (and possibly recover costs from the airlines), but what if the trip was organized independently? How do you get a refund then?

You’ll find various options online on how to proceed, but I recommend considering the services of AirHelp.

Using AirHelp to Obtain Refunds

The process to obtain a refund for tickets is often purposely complicated to discourage travelers from pursuing it. Moreover, various states and different airlines have different policies and regulations. There are also international regulations, European Union rules, and a myriad of legal loopholes unknown to those not well-versed in the subject. The main legal sources to refer to are:

Everything is complicated in favor of the companies, which, obviously, are reluctant to return money even when they are in the wrong.

In principle, refunds can be obtained in these cases:

  • Canceled flight
  • Flight delay (at departure or arrival)
  • Delayed flight
  • Missed connection
  • Overbooking
  • Denied boarding
  • Delayed luggage
  • Strike

Once you’re certain of having the right (or at least some chance) to obtain a refund, turning to the experts at AirHelp can be the simplest and fastest way to get your money back.

Using AirHelp to Get Refunds

How Does AirHelp Work?

To take advantage of AirHelp’s services, you have two options:

  1. Request assistance without subscribing to a membership
  2. Subscribe to a membership

For assistance without a subscription, AirHelp’s lawyers will retain a commission of 35% in the case of a “standard procedure,” meaning if they can request and obtain the refund without the need to initiate legal proceedings. If, however, legal action is necessary to obtain the refund, the commission rises to 50%.

If you decide to use AirHelp to obtain refunds by subscribing to a membership (in case you make several flights a year), there are two different subscription plans:

The Benefits of Using AirHelp for Refunds

  • Essential: in this case, the refund received from the airline will be returned in full, without commissions.
  • Complete: in this case, in addition to the refund, AirHelp includes a series of benefits, such as access to reserved areas in airports during pre-boarding waits.

All the details on the tariff plans are explained on the subscription page of the AirHelp website.

Using AirHelp to Get Refunds


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