Using Cheapflyme to Plan a Trip

Using to organize a trip is a valid alternative for those who want to avoid agencies and intermediaries and plan their trips independently.

The site’s motto is “Discover The World For Less,” and indeed, it promises savings of up to 60% on flights and hotels worldwide.

I’ve done several tests, and very often, it’s true!

We are used to booking trips from the most famous websites and never venturing beyond the first page of Google search results.

However, there are many alternatives, and with a bit of patience, tools like can be excellent.

It allows you to find information, compare prices, and book almost everything you need to organize your trip without intermediaries and entirely independently.

How to use Cheapflyme to organize a trip presents itself as a site for booking primarily flights and hotels. The feature that makes this site unique and functional is its ability to compare prices and options offered by the world’s leading airlines.

The site declares it does not directly sell any tickets/services but exclusively acts as a comparator, showing the various available options.

Indeed, once you’ve chosen the service, the site directs you straight to the provider, and the purchase happens directly on the service provider’s website.

Example: I want to go to London, I choose a British Airways flight, and once I click on the link, I find myself on the official website of the British airline to proceed with the ticket purchase.

It’s clear that Cheapflyme earns a percentage on sales through direct agreements with operators who sell through the portal. There’s no surcharge for users but discounted rates for Cheapflyme, acting as a “broker” and advertising site.

The comparator function is excellent, and prices (and various possible travel solutions) are displayed in ascending order (from least expensive to most costly).

Cheapflyme: Flights and Hotels

If you’re about to use Cheapflyme to organize a trip, you immediately have the essentials: airfare and hotel. The flight and hotel comparator function is the site’s main offering and the most used.

Cheapflyme is a partner of the world’s most important tourism operators, and the information provided by its search engine really includes a large part of the market offerings.

Using Cheapflyme to Plan a Trip


Helping you find all the information to compare prices and offers in just a few seconds and in ascending order is the main service offered by this site, the most useful and most used.

Purchasing an air ticket at the best possible price.

If you want to use Cheapflyme to organize a trip by leveraging its main function (searching for flights and hotels), my advice is to first do some research through many other sites (other comparators, Google, the airlines’ websites, and then come back to this site only after going through many other searches through all the other channels you usually use (for example, using Skyscannerr).

Always keep in mind that the cookies you authorize to track your browsing alert the sophisticated tracking systems of the OTA sites to your passage.

So if, after searching on Skyscanner, you open the Cheapflyme page, the results you see will likely be “influenced” by those you just viewed on Skyscanner.

You must consider that the “marketing war” waged by the OTAs is no-holds-barred.
If you wisely allow the cookies from the various sites you visit to track your searches, it’s like telling everyone what you want to buy and that you want to make the purchase at the best price.

It might seem incredible, but, as happens with hotel rooms using Booking, even the searches you make to find tickets for your air travel can be influenced by your browsing history.

Cleverly repeating the same searches (even on subsequent days) will probably help you get better prices.

However, be careful not to overdo it!
Often, especially on the airlines’ websites, advanced marketing systems are active that prevent you from finding the most advantageous offer if you do not proceed with the purchase immediately.

This happens because sales systems evolve very rapidly and “understand” if your search is urgent and if you really need to buy the tickets.
In many cases, they do not re-offer the best deal if they “sense” that you are genuinely interested in the purchase.

Using Cheapflyme to organize a trip: not just flights and hotels

Cheapflyme was born as a price comparator for flights, but, as has happened to all operators in the sector, it later added the option to combine the flight with a hotel.

Its evolution has never stopped, and today it is possible to use this site to find and compare all the services necessary to organize a trip entirely independently.

Indeed, in addition to air flights and hotel rooms, the site offers a wide range of ancillary services that will allow you to plan every detail of your vacation.

Using Cheapflyme to Plan a Trip

The same functions available for searching and comparing prices and services offer you the opportunity to compare and find services useful for planning your trip.

The system is always the same: using Cheapflyme to organize a trip gives you the opportunity to use the site’s features to find and compare all available options.

You can rent cars, find a tour guide, or purchase an excursion in the location chosen for your trip. Once the system is queried, you’ll see all the sites and all the available proposals to meet your need. The site will then redirect you to the sites where you can purchase the services you need.

There are many websites connected to Cheapflyme, and navigating the site is very useful (and fun) to find services and websites in the countries you want to visit.

Using Cheapflyme to organize a trip by only using the functionality dedicated to searching for air flights and hotel rooms is very limiting. If you want to use the site to its fullest potential, you must use all available functions.

You’ll discover that using Cheapflyme to organize a trip is very useful, and in a single site, you can find everything you need to avoid any form of intermediation and do everything necessary entirely independently.


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