Using GetYourGuide to Plan Your Trip

Using getyourguide to plan your trip is a smart choice if you don’t want to waste even a minute of your time at your travel destination.

This blog is dedicated to independent travelers. All those people who love to travel and prefer to plan and organize their trips entirely on their own, avoiding any form of intermediation.

Doing everything without the advice of a professional isn’t easy, and if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises or end up with a ruined trip, we must search and evaluate all the necessary information to plan every detail before arriving at our destination.

The first step is choosing the destination, but the experienced traveler knows this is the easy and fun part, and that researching the information needed to organize a trip is the most difficult and demanding part.

In this blog, you’ll find plenty of suggestions, ideas, and techniques to follow to manage to organize your trips as a professional would, but your ability to plan and gather the necessary information will make the difference.

Once you arrive at your destination, you find yourself in a completely new environment without the references we’re used to. Knowing how to act and whom to turn to from the first moment is the factor that makes a difference and will make your trip a pleasant memory or a bad adventure to forget.

Using GetYourGuide to Organize Your Trip

Using GetYourGuide to organize your trip is an excellent choice. Including “GetYourGuide” among the tools you use to plan your trips is a smart choice that will give you great help.

Purchasing the services offered on the site is not mandatory! You can use the powerful functionalities available on the site to draw inspiration and to find ideas and suggestions on how to organize your time during the vacation.

But what is “GetYourGuide,” and how does it work? Why use GetYourGuide to organize your trip?

What is “GetYourGuide”?

It’s a website that works like Booking but instead serves to book activities to do at your travel destination.

How does it work?

Suppose you have chosen your destination and the date of your arrival. All you need to do is enter them in the internal search engine of “GetYourGuide” and analyze the results.Using GetYourGuide to Plan Your Trip

Get Your Guide will return a page where you’ll find all the activities, tourist guides, day tours, and experiences that can be undertaken on those days at your chosen destination!

And that’s not all! Just as happens on Booking, you can select the offers that interest you by using a wide range of filters to personalize your search and display only the results that interest you.

A very useful feature to use is “Add Dates”: many activities are not available every day, so by adding more dates, you can get different results and find different or more interesting activities.

For all activities purchased through Get Your Guide, free cancellation and a full refund of the amount paid are provided within 24 hours of the event.

Using GetYourGuide to Plan Your Trip

Using GetYourGuide to Plan Your Trip

The filters available allow you to display only the offers that may be of most interest to you. Let’s see what they are:

  • Destinations allows you to view all possible destinations accessible from your starting point (the place where, for example, you have chosen to stay).
  • Interests lets you choose from different options by selecting the type of activity that interests you. Based on your preferences, the site will show you activities, excursions, and tourist guides that match.
  • Categories using this filter, you can choose different options based on the type of activity (example: outdoor activities), duration (example: day trip), or activities related to sports, interests, or cultural experiences.
  • Price this filter allows you to select Get Your Guide’s proposals based on the budget at your disposal.
  • Languages instead allows you to select only activities where the languages you have selected are spoken: you can search for activities where the guide accompanying you speaks your language or, alternatively, speaks one of the languages you know.
  • Duration is a filter that selects the proposals you see based on the duration of the experiences, guides, excursions you are buying. Very useful if you are planning more than one activity on the same day!
  • Services offers a range of options. Very functional, for example, is “Skip the Line” in case of Guided Tours of Museums, or “Toilets” can be a specific necessity for sick people, the elderly, or those with disabilities.

Once you have found the activity proposal that interests you, you can purchase it simply by clicking on it. A card with all the details will open. All that’s left is to fill out the form and purchase.

Remember that to cancel and get a refund, you have until at most 24 hours before.

The really useful and extraordinary thing about this site is that it works worldwide, and you can find attractions, experiences, and excursions all over the world!

I tested it with Tirana (by the way, take a look here: Vacanze in Albania), but it works with many locations worldwide! You can also use it just for fun or to dream about the trips you want to make.

A functionality similar to many others that you will soon also find on, the new travel platform we are about to launch.


If you’re reading this blog, you’re an adventurous traveler, and I want to invite you to experience something unique. We are forming a Community of Travelers who will exclusively try out the new digital platform we’ve created to organize and plan trips and vacations entirely autonomously, avoiding all forms of intermediation.

“We believe that the free and spontaneous sharing of information is the key to making ‘traveling’ a habit achievable by everyone.”

When you return from a trip, you possess valuable information: Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Guides, the experiences you’ve had! These are pieces of information you will never use again, but they are indispensable for someone who wants to take a journey similar to yours.

If you’ve lived an unforgettable experience, you’ve brought home all the information necessary to replicate it! So, why not share it?

Why not leave other travelers the information you’ve gathered on the spot or during your experience?

This way, others can save time (and money) and live travel experiences based on your stories. We want to create a database of information available to everyone.

Join the project, and you too can find the information needed to plan your next trip with the help of the community!

We are creating a digital platform where you can find (and exchange) all the necessary information to plan and organize trips and vacations completely autonomously!

All this thanks to the “principle of sharing” and the solidarity among travelers who share information collected during their travel experiences.

If you want to participate in the final phase of the development of this new digital platform and become a Beta Tester (for free) by sending feedback, suggestions, and new ideas…


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