Using Google Pay for Payments Abroad

Using Google Pay for Payments Abroad is a fantastic way to avoid scams and keep your credit card information safe.

Making payments while abroad

One of the most challenging (and worrying) issues to solve when you’re abroad is that of digital payments.

The biggest concern is becoming the victim of a scam and entrusting your data (card number and CVV) to merchants, hotels, and all the tourism operators you need to make your travel experience a reality.

Possible Solutions: Using cash:

Using cash is the safest solution to keep your card details secure but it poses even greater risks than losing (or cloning) your credit card:

  1. Carrying large sums of money abroad is not allowed and customs fines are very costly.
  2. The risk of losing cash or a wallet is real and concrete.
  3. If you travel outside the EU, once you arrive in the destination country, you will have the problem of exchanging the money into local currency.
Using Prepaid Cards

This is an excellent solution!

  1. Prepaid cards are not directly linked to your bank account, and in case of a scam, the most they can take is the amount present on the card.
  2. You can top it up as needed.
  3. Though there are spending and withdrawal limits, they are perfect for incidental and unplanned expenses.
Using Google Pay for Payments Abroad

Using Google Pay for Payments Abroad

A perfect compromise is to use Google Pay for payments abroad: the system is very simple and resembles that used by PayPal: You can open an account on Google Pay and link your credit cards to this account.

How does it work?

To link your card (or cards) to Google Pay, you need to:

  • Download the App
  • Add your cards

It’s easy!

You can link more than one! Using Google Pay for payments abroad is the perfect solution:

I recommend linking your main credit card (to have it available in case of an emergency) and linking two other prepaid cards.

As a secondary card, you can use a prepaid one where you load the necessary money for planned expenses such as hotels, transport, and activities you will do once you arrive at your travel destination.

Finally, on a third card (also prepaid), you can load a “fund” for extras to pay for unexpected expenses, impulse purchases, or costs necessary to live your travel experience.

All the payments you make can also be done by simply bringing your phone close to the POS! Your data will be safe in Google’s cloud, and all transactions will pass through Google Pay’s security systems. In no case will your card data pass through the POS you use during your trip!

What can you pay with Google Pay?

Practically everything!
There are countless payment circuits that have joined this project! But we are talking about Google… and using Google Pay for payments abroad is a great way to keep your card data safe! Google services are always recommended, and we have already talked about them on this blog, suggesting using Google Maps to plan routes and Google Photos to share your travels.


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